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Norton Knife Sharpeners

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Every household has some kind of cutting tools, may it be knife, scissor, axe, scythe or other items. These tools need regular sharpening to keep them functional. Sharpeners have been used since ages for regaining the sharpness of cutting tools. Knife Country USA, with its vast experience in providing the best product also stocks a wide collection of Norton Sharpeners.


Restore Your Blade Tools with Norton Sharpeners

Norton Sharpeners started its business with synthetic abrasives, becoming one of the best selling abrasives manufacturers across USA. In the year 1932, it bolstered its leadership position in the abrasive industry by acquiring the Pike Company. Pike Company was the first supplier in North America to offer natural sharpening stones in the commercial basis. The coming together of the two companies with professional expertise in making the best quality abrasives and sharpeners helped the company to provide the best sharpeners to its customer.


With more than 175 years of experience, Norton Sharpeners manufacture around 6,400 products, catering to the needs of farmers, carpenters, mechanics, culinary experts and many more. Made of the best materials like coarse/medium/fine grit India stone, Grit Waterstone, Arkansas stones, Vhris Pye Stones, Water Oil stone etc., the range of product are one of the best in the industry. The sharpeners come with plastic storage box for your convenience.


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