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Norton Knife Sharpeners


The need for sharpening everyday kitchen and stationary tools can never be underestimated. Norton Knife Sharpeners understood this requirement and has been a unit of the Norton line in the market for more than 190 years. Established in 1932, after acquiring the Pike Company, this North American manufacturer offered commercial sharpening tools.

Norton Knife Sharpeners produces high-quality products made of grit Waterstone, Arkansas stones, Vhris Pye stones, coarse/medium/fine grit India stone, water-oil stone, etc. To date, the company has made more than 6,400 products for different international markets. Presently, it serves professionals like carpenters, mechanics, farmers, culinary experts, and others.

The purpose of the knife sharpeners is to maintain the edge and finish so that the same product becomes reusable for a long time. The product also removes chips and nicks while sharpening so that the user doesn't experience cuts. The manufacturer even offers a storage box with sharpers to improve consumer convenience. The company craftsmen have refined and tested the products over the years to deliver professional results every time.

The professional sharpeners offer sustainability and durability to the users. Asian and American consumers are the biggest buyers of Norton Knife Sharpeners as it provides them precision control during every usage. The best model for commercial use is the IM313, whereas the IM50 and IM200 are preferred for home use. The manufacturer offers systems and kits to the consumers. All of them except the Norton Water Stone Kit and Waterstone kit include oil as a lubricant for stones. The Waterstone sharpeners don't leave oil residue and offer ease in cleaning.

The NTIB6 Norton India Combination Benchstone is a 6" India Alundum Edition famous for long-lasting coarse or fine grit. Although it sharpens the edges slower than its counterparts, the bench stone creates the most refined razor-sharp edge.

Everything About Norton Knife Sharpeners Products


Presently, the company manufacturers two forms of combination stones, namely India Alundum and India stone. Besides this, the organization also produces Pike Crystolon, professional tri hone, and Waterstone sharpeners.

Norton Knife Sharpeners combine the traditional and contemporary needs of the user. Sharpening knives requires putting two fingers on top of the blade near the edge while using the other hand to grasp the knife. Slide the knife from the heel to the edge and keep the fingers atop to maintain the pressure. Keep repeating the process two or three times and practice the same by flipping the knife.


Most European style cutlery informs the user to keep an angle of 20 to 25 degrees while sharpening, whereas Asian style knife manufacturers state 12 to 15 degrees. The latter is also true for plain knives. The best approach to sharpen the blade is by using the guide provided by the company and placing the knife at an angle stated on the guide marking.

The second side is often used for Asian knives. The guide can be left on the stone until you get an idea of the angle. The guide makes a new user more comfortable with the sharpener and removes hesitation of spoiling the blade from either end. Users should resharpen on a fine grit stone at least three to six times as soon as the knives stop cutting quickly. The medium stone is usable for dull edge knives. Alternatively, you can use coarse stones with low pressure.

The Norton IM313 Tri Hone Sharpening System has three sides, namely fine, coarse and medium. The reservoir helps to avoid spilling oil, and the cover keeps the stone clean post usage. Unlike small surface stones, the large surface of the IM313 helps to avoid getting cuts and stitches. You can use a cloth to spread the oil across the stone. The stone offers versatility as it helps to sharpen scouting, cutlery, or other knives. Almost ninety percent of the time, only the more delicate side is used.

Even after finishing on the medium stone, you should use the fine stone to add a smoother finish, clean cuts, and long-lasting factors to the knives. For incredibly dull stones, use a coarse silicon carbide stone for sharpening, followed by medium and fine stone. While sharpening, ensure to keep raising the hand you are holding so that the blade touches the stone even from the edge. Wrist locking will also help to keep a consistent angle. Increase the blade angle instead of dragging the blade on the stone.

The stone becomes unusable; if it experiences metal or abrasives, and lubricating helps to avoid clogging through these factors. Norton suggests applying the oil before and during the sharpening process. Alternatively, users can put plain tap water on the stone. Dry the stone and the container post usage. The manufacturer currently has a factory in Littleton, New Hampshire, and has shifted from Pike, New Hampshire. The company also has a few second and third-generation employees.

Types of Norton Knife Sharpeners

Norton Indian Alundum Knife Sharpeners: India Alundum Sharpeners restore and sharpen all types of knives - large or small - with the same high-quality standards that have made Norton a household name for more than 190 years. The India alundum formulation will shave slightly slower than its Crystolon counterpart but will give you a more refined edge. The blade sharpener comes in two different sizes, 6-inch and 8-inch.

Norton Combination India Stone Sharpeners: Norton Knife Sharpeners are a portable way to keep your blades razor-sharp. India Stones provide solid and long-lasting cutting edges, while the handy pocket size lets you carry them with you wherever you go. With two different grades of abrasives, Norton Stone Sharpener is the only sharpener you need.

Norton Pike Crystolon Sharpener: Slip a knife into this Norton Pike Crystolon Sharpener and witness the transformation of an ordinary kitchen knife into a fast, sharp, and efficient cutting tool. The Norton Crystolon 100/280-grit combination oilstone is a premium quality industrial benchstone made of silicon carbide. It features a 100 grit face for sharpening and a 280 grit face for maintaining the cutting edge. With our pre-filled oilstone, you'll spend less time setting up and more time sharpening! It can restore your blades on straight-edged tools, such as chisels, knives, plane blades, and precision instruments.

Norton Professional Tri Hone Sharpener Set: There's no need to go to the knife store or pay for a blade sharpener every time you need a re-sharpening. This compact, all-in-one sharpening system has three different stones, so you can get your weapon back into shape when it needs it. Its ergonomic, compact design will make it easy for anyone to operate in the kitchen. Norton Crystolon's Tri System combines three different sharpening stones: fine India, medium Crystolon and coarse Crystolon to provide a complete sharpening solution for any edge, at home, in one compact, sleek design.

Norton Waterstone Sharpeners: Get a razor-sharp edge on your favorite blade with Norton's Waterstone Sharpener. This 2-in-1 benchstone sharpener is perfect for a variety of tools and knives. The 1000 Grit side gets an edge ready for use, while the 4000 Grit side puts a razor-sharp finish on your blade. Whether you're honing or sharpening, the durable blue plastic storage box will keep everything organized on your workbench.

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