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In 1941, Frederick Ehrsam introduced the Woodman's Pal to the market. Ehrsam, a Swiss national who had settled in Pennsylvania, was an accomplished engineer, artist, and woodworker. He recognized the need for an “all-in-one” land management tool. He built a single tool that performs the functionality of multiple brush tools. Because of its lightweight, balanced, and compact form, the Woodman's Pal is suitable for all outdoor jobs, from clearing brush and blazing paths to cutting, thinning, chopping, and pruning. The functionality and premium quality of this tool made it a “must-have” tool for agriculture, horticulture, and land management professionals. Although the iconic Woodman’s Pal is what the brand is known for, you can also find leather tool tote bags, hats, leather sheaths, and sharpening stones in their inventory.


In knife country, you can easily check out their products and shop for them. Furthermore, the Woodman's Pal had nearly vanished due to the release of a cheaper tool with a similar design by a Chinese business. Skyline Tool works, the current owners of this brand, chose to reintroduce it to the market with certain upgrades. They brought the Woodman's Pal back to its roots, focusing on what is important to them and their customers: an American-made product with a visible and tactile quality. Hand-crafted wood handles and hand-stitched leather sheaths, as well as high-quality steel and powder-coated blades, This has reintroduced the original tool to the market and made it available to you.


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Going beyond “Made in USA,” the Woodman's Pal has been 100% Made in Pennsylvania since 1941 and is backed by a lifetime guarantee. The leather sheath, Lansky sharpening stone, and an authentic copy of the original 1941 owner's manual are all included with the machete. Because they are precision laser-cut steel blades, the blades work admirably. The raw blades are heated to 1500 degrees Fahrenheit. Many people wonder why it lasts so long, and the answer is the miracle of virgin molecularly bonded premium powder coating. All of their blades are then hand sharpened and perfectly honed by professional craftsmen.


The Woodman's Pal, which was originally conceived and patented in 1941 for civilian usage, immediately caught the interest of the US Military. It was originally purchased for the United States Army Signal Corps, but it later became a regular issue as combat and survival equipment for GIs in the Pacific Theater. Over 250,000 units had been purchased by the end of the Korean War. The Woodman's Pal was primarily distributed as a survival tool for pilots during the Vietnam War and Desert Storm. The Woodman's Pal's quality and effectiveness extend decades and generations.


Woodman’s Pal Product Range

Woodman’s Pal Classic Machete: The Woodman's Pal is a compact tool for pruning, splitting, cutting, blazing trails, and other outdoor chores. It has been included in many civilian and military survival kits from WWII through Desert Storm. It's a robust, no-nonsense piece of survival gear that Field and Stream magazine named one of the 20 best all-time blades. The Woodman's Pal 481 Classic is suitable for any outdoorsman, with an overall length of 16 1/2′′, including the 6′′ ash hardwood handle, made to fit the user's hand securely. The 1/8′′ thick x 10 1/2′′ high carbon steel blade is hardened to Rockwell C47, giving it cutting strength, edge retention, and flexibility in cold conditions. Over time, the resin-bonded fluorocarbon covering inhibits cracking and corrosion. The United States Army uses this classic tool because of its balance and safety. The balance of the blade extends from the grip to the sickle's edge, creating natural momentum that ensures efficient, pleasant, and precise motion. The safety toe extends one inch up the axe side of the tool to limit the risk of deflective injuries.


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