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Based in New Taipei City, Taiwan, Diafire is a remarkable brand that delivers top-notch quality household knife designs. Diafire derives from the blend of two words Diamond and Fire and it was created by the Dots Group. The company aims at offering practical household tools that can be used routinely with ease and comfort. The products by the company are manufactured using real-life experiences and everyday household needs. Diafire uses state-of-the-art technology and modern material to produce its high-quality and durable product.

The excellent craftsmanship can be witnessed in each product, showcasing intriguing and fine work. Diafire emphasis delivering practical products by incorporating people-oriented designs and concepts. The brand incorporates three major design elements in its products – hand-touching designs, process aesthetics, and material application. Diafire uses neutral colors and delicate texture to cater to the needs of knife collectors, hobbyists, professional chefs, and butchers.


All You Need to Know About Diafire Kitchen Knives

Diafire has specialized in manufacturing a wide variety of kitchen knives, including steak knives, paring knives, gourmet knife sets, bread knives, and chef’s knives. The brand uses the finest quality material like 8Cr13MoV stainless steel, plastic, walnut wood, and AUS-8 stainless steel to offer lasting performance and durability. All Diafire kitchen knives embrace aesthetic design and great ergonomics for great functionality. Most professional chefs, butchers, and hobbyists wonder where these knives are made, so it is interesting to note that most of these Diafire knives are manufactured in China to attain sturdiness and long-performing quality. You may also find a variety of different sets of knives like the gourmet knives and the chef’s knives by Diafire that are exclusively designed for both household and commercial use.


Explore the Wide Product Series of Diafire Kitchen Knives

Browse through the impeccable range of utility and everyday use knives by Diafire in this section. The vast product series embrace the best-selling knives that are made from quality materials to attain maximum durability and longevity.

Diafire Gourmet Knife Set: This series offers the finest range of gourmet knife sets by Diafire. You can shop for these fixed-blade kitchen knives in a set of 3 or 6 knives. Most of the gourmet knife sets feature a satin finish knife blade made of premium-quality stainless steel that ensures durability and longevity. Based on the type, the gourmet set contains a chef’s knife, bread knife, utility knife, paring knife, serrated blade knife, and a sharpening rod. These knives work efficiently in performing a variety of households and commercial tasks like skinning, cutting, butchering, and chopping. The sturdy handle construction is another major highlight of this product category. Most of the knives in the set embrace a reliable and highly functional walnut handle that offers a slip-resistant and comfortable grip to the users. For easy storage and transportation, these gourmet knife sets are available with storage blocks. You can also place this storage block on the kitchen slab or benchtop with limited space as they embrace a compact and elegant design.

Diafire Steak Knives Series: Manufactured in China, the Diafire Steak knife series offers a wide range of steak knives that are designed using premium-quality materials to attain durability and great functionality. Most of these steak knives feature high-quality clip-point blades made from 8Cr13MoV steel that ensure a great performance, protection from corrosion, and everyday wear. The pointed tip and high sharpness make this a perfect knife for professional chefs and butchers. These steak knives work efficiently in performing a variety of skinning, slashing, piercing, and cutting jobs in both household and professional kitchens. The serrated sharp blade makes handling meat with bone easy and convenient. The major standout point of this series is the handle construction as it features innovative and unique cut surface designs for maximum operation. The emerald green plastic handle enhances the aesthetic appeal and offers ease of access every time you use the steak knife. The reliable and ergonomic handle offers a secured, solid, slip-resistant, and comfortable grip to the users.


Diafire Chefs’ Knife Series: The Diafire knife series feature greatly designed chef’s knives that efficiently perform a wide range of tasks, including cutting, prepping vegetables, skinning and butchering meat, serving, and plating. Most of these chef’s knives feature durable and sturdy satin finished blades made of AUS-8 and 8Cr13MoV stainless steel. The remarkable blade construction protects these fixed blade knives from corrosion and everyday wear. Manufactured in China, these chef’s knives are available in different blade construction to perform a variety of tasks at both household and commercial kitchens. Diafire Chef’s knives feature a reliable and lasting handle construction attained using high-quality materials, including sculpted plastic to ensure lasting performance and add to the lifespan. The sturdy handle construction offers a secured, safe, non-slip, and comfortable grip to users. You can shop for these chef’s knives in different aesthetically appealing colors, including emerald green and diamond black.


Diafire Paring Knife Series: Exclusively designed for professional chefs, the Diafire Paring knives make the ideal addition to every kitchen space. This Diafire series features versatile knives that are ideal for a variety of trimming, slicing, cutting, and peeling tasks at both household and commercial kitchens. Most of these paring knives embrace a satin finish clip point blade made from the finest-quality 8Cr13MoV stainless steel. The reliable and durable blade construction prevents these paring knives from corrosion and normal wear & tear. These Diafire paring knives embrace an ergonomic design that contributes to their high performance and functionality. Most of these knives feature a robust and reliable handle construction attained using high-quality plastic material. The quality craftsmanship ensures a slip-proof, comfortable, and secured grip for maximum user convenience. The Diafire paring knives are available in unique and innovative emerald green plastic to ensure a lasting performance with easy accessibility.


Diafire Kitchen Knives Warranty Information

Diafire Kitchen Knives aim to provide the finest quality, defect-free and damage-free products. The company has a return and repair policy against any manufacturing and workmanship defect. Knife Country USA ensures the replacement of any defective product with a new one or with one which matches closely to the ordered product. Some products may not be replaced due to the limited availability of original parts and products. The customers need not pay any shipping or restocking charges if opting for a replacement or repair.  You should retain the original packaging, sales invoice, or receipt to replace or repair the products within 30 days of the purchase. It is mentioned that the Diafire products should not be mishandled or meant to be used as hammers, chisels, pry bars, or screwdrivers. Please note that products will not be exchanged or repaired if found to be misused or mishandled.


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