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Founded in 1983, Svord Peasant Knife is today counted among the top Knife Manufacturers across the globe. The master brain behind such unfurled success was knife maker Bryan Baker. With a strong desire to secure a great share in New Zealand, he started initially with “stock removal” manufacturing method. After a series of consistent efforts, Svord Peasant Knife gained immense reputation as the global manufacturer for handmade outdoor knives.


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After some time, he established his own hardening and tempering plant in New Zealand. Each Svord Knife is hardened at the premise, is now marked as the standard of hardness and durability of an ideal knife. The best of Swedish cutlery steel and Baker’s heat treatment process make the blade a certain point of appreciation. The unique appearance and hassle-free performance of SVORD Knives was also vividly discussed in the “American Fighting Knives" publication.


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