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FOBOS Knives is a veteran-owned service-disabled small business enterprise founded by Ex-US forces officer, Erik Hansen. The company runs with one standard, i.e “Quality in Design & Function”. For designing and manufacturing premium quality knives, the brand ensures knives’ effective weights, an ergonomic handle, apt material selection, properly designed-in balance points, primary & secondary bevels, fit & finish. The brand majorly designs reliable knives for hunting and tactical situations. The tools can also be used for tasks like opening cans, digging holes, self-defense, cutting wires, cleaning games, and preparing food. All the Fobos Knives are made in the USA. With a special operation’s approach in designing, you will find some of the finest quality fixed blade knives in the Fobos knife collections.


As the focus is always on quality, all the knives by the brand are made with premium tools. The design concept for each knife is based on how the end-user will use it in a situation. The mini knife collection by the brand is perfect for everyday use or traveling. For high-strength and durable knives, strong steel is used in construction. The knives are also made with different handle variations. Apart from the knives, the company is also engaged in the manufacturing of axes. Under the guidance of Erik who himself dealt with various tactical situations during his service period in the forces, the brand continues to provide the most reliable tactical knives.


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With the aim to make exceptional heavy use knives, at FOBOS mainly supreme quality CPM154 steel is used for strength and durability. Each of the knife design is based upon Erik’s personal experience as to what works and what doesn’t. The offered hunting knives are for actual use and not to be sitting pretty on a shelf. The Tier-1 mini knife range scales are removable via three-set screws, you can easily swap them for a variety of colors or patterns. All the knives from FOBOS (For Operators By Operators) are designed and manufactured completely in the United States.


The convex ground blade is kept at 22 degrees and can be thinned down as per your preference. The tip grind is reinforced, which brings five lines up to the tip and allows the knife to be functional and take a tremendous amount of abuse. The blade steel is heat-treated to the harder end of the scale but does not become too hard, as it has been cryogenically stabilized to maintain toughness and now it holds its edges for a longer period. For knife lovers on a budget, the brand also designs and manufactures A-2 Steel Knives.


Fobos Knife Categories

Fobos Tier 1 Mini Fixed Blade Knives: This mini knife collection is ideal for operators in the field. These knives are compact yet weighty, which lends power during bearing down or using the blade. The 4’’ blade is made with high-grade satin-finished CPM-154 stainless steel that provides strength and increases the lifespan of the knives. The convex grind feature is included to match the stocky nature. For adding traction, there is a jimping on both the back of the blade/handle and in the recessed finger groove. The handles are available in a variety of micarta colors with different colors of liners for amazing combinations. The butt of the knives has a large tang extension that doubles as a bashing tool or glass beaker in emergencies. The leather sheath further makes it easier to carry. Most Tier 1 stainless knives are 8.75 inches overall. These blades merge ergonomics-focused interpretation of the tactical genre to an EDCable size class. The knives are designed in a way that these can be easily held across the callus line, high on the pinky and low on the index finger. Thus, the knives allow for intricate movement and a rock-solid grip.


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Knife Country is a family-owned business, where we work with utmost honesty for maximum customer satisfaction. For knife enthusiasts and collectors, we bring supreme knife designs by well-known brands all at one platform. With over 500 manufacturers onboard, we provide 30,000+ products. You can find a wide variety of utility knives, cutlery, bread knives, cleaver knives, peasant knives, training knives, and many more. Apart from the knives, we also have flashlights, backpacks, survival tools, and first-aid kits. Fobos Knives is one of our best-selling brands with some of the finest quality hunting and tactical knives. As the brand offers knives that are designed by the operators for the operators. The usage of premium quality materials combined with Erek’s expertise in knives ensures a highly reliable range of knives. Moreover, in case of a query, you can reach out to us through call (800) 342-9118 or send in an email (customercare@knifecountryusa.com) anytime. Just reach out to us and we will solve all your knife-related queries.



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