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The pen is mightier than the sword, as the age-old adage goes, has proven to be right. However, pens that also offer the ultimate Swiss class and style would be mightier. We, at Knife Country USA offer quality pens and accessories from the best brands, including the Wagner of Switzerland.


Get the Swiss-Class with Wagner of Switzerland

The history of Wagner of Switzerland dates back to mid-nineteen century’s Walter Bachmann. His innovative and brave entrepreneurial venture, combining quality and durability to offer lasting value to the customers has been the basis of the Swiss Brand. With Wagner of Switzerland pens, expect innovative and creative products that is full of life and passion. The minimalist design of the products ensures that the customer gets all the features without any clutter.


Explore Wagner of Switzerland Offerings

The SwissPen with translucent acrylic handles comes in a range of lively colors like blue, orange, purple, pink, red, green, grey and more. The pen has a durable polished stainless barrel and includes the famous Victorinox® tools viz. knife blade, scissors, and nail file with screwdriver tip. The pressurized ink writes on any surfaces, be it wet and rough. It also writes upside down. The brand also offers Swiss quality Super Slim Wallet made of anodized-aluminum. The locking device ensures that your cards are securely held. Slide the cards of your desire with push action buttons. Different variations of the wallet are also offered, to suit the tastes and style of different customers.


We Help You Select Judiciously!

At Knife Country USA, every purchase is guided through our easy to browse online store that includes detailed product descriptions. Our customer care desks are always willing to answer your queries. With us, selecting the best product judiciously becomes a cakewalk. You can ask us anything about our inventory on display and our policies via our Contact Details.

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