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Designed and manufactured by Bayco Products, Nightstick focus on designing and globally producing professional lighting solutions including all kind of flashlights, lamps and accessory lights. Committed to regular innovation, development, and creation, Nightlight has been continuously exceeding the company standard in all the possible specifications. Nightlight has always been on the agenda for providing a line of performance derived quality products that are also safe for users. Started in 1984, Bayco and Nightstick together have been striving to produce perfect lighting solutions not only for tactical and military usage but also for civilians. Their manufacturing process and are derived singularly by the motive of designing something which is absolutely safe and durable. Making the night expeditions easier for soldiers, law enforcement officers, industrial workers, and civilians, Nightlight is one of the top manufacturers in the niche- honed by hard work and experience.


Serving On Serving All- Wide Customer Base

Since lights are of use and a necessity for everyone, Nightlight decided to design something of everyone out there. Be a security guard on his post for the safekeep of residents of a building or a soldier guarding the borders of a nation- Nightlight has resources and products to make all the expeditions a lot easier for everyone. The major part of Nightlight’s customer base is formed by military officials, law enforcement forces, industrial workers, survivalists, adventurers, and state guards and civilians complete the production cycle for them. A variety of products are designed with various features given a different kind of usage of different users such as intrinsically safe lights- made to be used in hazardous areas making Nightlight a customer devoted manufacturer.


Diversity That Does Not Disappoint

In all seriousness, the diversity of products produced by Nightlight is huge. When they say they have something for everyone, they mean it. Nightlight manufactures everything from weapon-mounted lights, generic flashlights, pen, and other accessory based lights, headlights, headlamps, lanterns to safety lights, and many more. The most infamous products include tactical lights and weapon-mounted lights for military use- Xtreme Lumens, Long Gun lights, Long gun lights with w/RPS, tactical light kits, etc. The best and the most technologically advanced product is the intrinsically safe lights from Nightlight. These nightlights are made specially to be used in the areas where there is an ignition hazard as they limit the energy usage. The lights are incredible as they see through the smoke and fog as well. The flashlights and headlights are rechargeable hence, the ‘survival mode’ gives them a run time of 3.5 days. Completely practical and reliable, Nightlight produces lighting solutions and accessories for every purpose there is that can be served by lights.


Quality To Rely Upon

A flashlight’s quality can be judged simply by checking the kind of bulb is used in the manufacturing process. Nightlight uses CREE LEDs for not only their flashlights but also headlamps and lanterns. CREE is no. #1 producer of LEDs on a global level. The mounts and outer body parts are manufactured using top-quality housing material using precision engineering skills, sturdy and effective reflectors, and the latest generation technology batteries. As far as raw material is concerned, Nightlight has got it right and the quality of final products manufactured is well evident with various certifications the products have received. All items are ISO-9001 certified and hence perfect to be used in any kind of scenario that demands high performance from the products.


Warranty Information

Nightlight provides the same warranty that Bayco does on its products. There are various warranties provided for different groups of products. Any manufacturing defect is directly eligible of getting exchanged or repaired by the manufactures free of charge. The damage caused by normal wear and tear, improper use and cleaning is not covered under the warranty. LEDs, housing and lenses have a limited lifetime warranty & rechargeable battery, chargers, switches, electronics, and included accessories are warranted for a period of two years. Bulbs (other than LEDs) are covered for ninety (90) days from the date of purchase. In case you run into trouble or have any such issue with product material or workmanship, let us know at Knife Country USA. We are available for you 24x7 to provide the best service possible. We’ll make it our mission to solve all queries as soon as possible.


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All your adventures and expeditions are now a lot easier to complete with a little bit of assistance from Knife Country USA. We are your one-stop destination for all combat gear, knives, survival gear, self-defense equipment, clothing, optical solutions, books & videos on survival and more. You name it and we promise that we have it in store for you. With a diverse selection of products from various brands, we provide you with the best quality products and equipment to aid in your survival quests. These are equally ideal for military use as well as we do not compromise with our quality even one bit. Rest assured, Knife Country will always have your back with more brands like Nightlight.



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