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Know About Viking Tactics Inc.

“Stay in the Fight!” is what Viking Tactics Inc. says and abides by. One of the most reputed names in the international market that offers exceptionally designed, high-quality, battle-proven tactical gear. These quality assured products are designed by warriors for the warriors. Not only this, the whole product line is ideally designed to cater to the varied needs of soldiers, competitive shooters, and law enforcement officers too.


What Makes Viking Tactics a Reliable Name

Offering the most reliable range of VTAC Assault Gear, VTAC Beard Balm/Oil, VTAC Belts, VTAC Books and DVD's, Breaching Tools, VTAC Coffee, Tactical Knives, Lights and Light Mounts, VTAC Pistol Accessories, VTAC Rifle Accessories, Sling Attachments, VTAC Slings, VTAC Slings (Hunting), Specialty Slings, Suspenders, T-Shirts/Hats, VTAC Targets, and many other products; Viking Tactics is a reliable name that presents the finest range of tactical and combat products. These products are specifically designed and manufactured under the leadership of veteran soldiers, experts, and professional knife makers. Thus, each product undergoes strict inspection for its quality and performance. The knives presented by Viking Tactics are made with 1095 steel and hardened to the RC 56-58, boasting a rugged and robust performance. Not only this but every product is field-tested and is designed to survive heavy-duty usage in most challenging situations.


Browse Through the Massive Product Categories:

VTAC MOLLE Chest Rig Coyote: This includes the finest range of chest rig coyote that was designed by the most experienced Special Operations Soldiers. These are the highly functional, adjustable, and lightweight range of the chest rig coyote and are primarily designed to give the operator the convenience and an option of adding or even moving the pouches as they see fit. There are magazine pouches into the vest and are extremely tight to the user’s body.

VTAC Chest Rig Multi-Cam: These are the robustly constructed chest rig multi-cam that are specifically designed using the premium, lightweight, and highly durable material that offers exceptional long-lasting performance. With built-in M-4 magazine pouches, radio pouches, pistol magazine pouches, and general-purpose pouches; these chest rigs are primarily designed by the Special Operations Soldiers that are designed in a way that gives the operator a low profile, lightweight chest rig option.

VTAC Big Rig Revolver Coyote: Another addition to the already existing range of combat accessories, these are the big rig revolver coyote that is specifically designed to fit the large and extra-large frame revolvers. These revolver coyotes are made to be used with or without a backpack and can easily be configured to be carried on the belt too. You can detach the release buckler for instant access to the firearm. MOLLE compatibility of the coyote allows for the addition of accessories or magazine pouches.

VTAC Big Rig Automatic: These are the automatic big rig and are specifically designed and manufactured to easily fit semi-automatic pistols and 45ACP frames and slides. These are primarily designed in a way that they can be used with or without a backpack, or can easily be configured to be carried on the belt as well. You can detach the release buckler that helps in instant access to the firearm. With MOLLE compatibility, it allows for the addition of accessories or magazine pouches.

Viking Tactics 3P The Patriot: Another addition to the already existing range of products, these are the Viking Tactics 3P The Patriot with the tumbled finish 1095HC steel blade and the canvas micarta handle that boosts durability and offers exceptional finish. These full-tang knives are provided with the lanyard hole and Kydex belt sheath. The handles are wide enough to fit in the user’s palm easily and that too without slipping off from the hands or straining the hands too. The Patriot is ideal for tactical and combat situations, offering excellent performance without losing its capability and finishing too.

VTAC Crusader: These are the finest grade VTAC Crusader knife series that is specifically designed and manufactured using premium 1095HC steel blade, which induces commendable strength and stability to the knives for most of the tactical usage. These are full tang crusader knives with premium-grade and durable canvas micarta handles. The use of the premium handle and blade material in combination offers long-lasting performance. The blade is sharpened perfectly and the handles are wide enough to fit in the palm easily. These are provided with the Kydex MOLLE compatible belt sheath.

Viking Tactics ACK1N VTAC Norseman: Another addition to the already existing range of products, these are the ACK1N VTAC Norseman knives that are specifically manufactured using high grade and durable 1095HC steel blade. The use of these premium materials adds to the functionality and makes the knives ideal for tactical and long-lasting use, without losing their ability to pierce perfectly through most of the surfaces. These knives have a canvas micarta handle that adds to the performance and gives the knives the much-required structural stability and strength too. These are the full tang knives provided with lanyard holes and are provided with Kydex MOLLE compatible belt sheath.


Viking Tactics Limited Warranty:

Each product that is designed and presented by Viking Tactics is made to outperform in challenging situations and is completely free from all manufacturing, designing defects. The products are free from the defects in materials used and workmanship, for 30 days from purchase. In case if the products are found to be defective and are used rigorously out of their scope of use, then Viking Tactics makes no other warranties of any kind or any conditions too. So, any of the products should not be used chisels, prybars, or anything that can degrade the quality and performance.


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