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Welcome to Knife Country USA, where we are proud to present an exclusive selection of Amare Knives. Amare Knives, known for their exceptional craftsmanship and innovative designs, offer a diverse range of knives catering to enthusiasts and professionals alike. Each knife reflects a blend of traditional techniques and modern technology, ensuring performance and durability.

Featured Amare Knives Collection:

  1. Amare Pocket Peak Linerlock Knives:

    • Blue (Model: AMR201801): Features a 3.5" satin finish 14C28N Sandvik stainless blade, carbon fiber handle with titanium bolster, and a pocket clip.
    • Gold (Model: AMR201802): Boasts a gold bolster with similar specs to the Blue model, offering an elegant look.
    • Gray (Model: AMR201803): This variant comes with a gray bolster, combining functionality with a sleek design.
  2. Amare Pocket Peak Fixed Blades:

  3. Amare Track Linerlock Knife Blue (Model: AMR201809): View Product - A 5.13" closed knife with a 3.75" satin finish S35VN stainless blade, carbon fiber handle, and titanium bolster for enhanced durability and style.

  4. Amare Paragon A-Joint (Model: AMR201810): Discover More - This innovative design features a two-legged spring mechanism, providing secure blade positioning in both open and closed states.

  5. Amare 6 Finger Fixed Blades:

    • Drop (Model: AMR201812): A 7" overall knife with a 2.63" satin finish D2 tool steel drop point blade and a stonewash finish handle.
    • Spear (Model: AMR201813): Similar in size to the Drop model, featuring a spear point blade for versatile applications.
  6. Amare FieldBro Series:

  7. Amare FieldBro LR-Lock Series:

  8. Amare Knives 6 Finger Fixed Blade 2.0 (Model: AMR202105): Explore the 6 Finger Fixed Blade 2.0 - An updated version of the popular fixed blade, offering enhanced functionality and design.

  9. Amare Knives Duro Expedition One Wood (Model: AMR202003): View the Duro Expedition One Wood - A 9.63" overall length knife with a 4.75" satin finish K110 tool steel blade and a striking red wood handle.


Amare Knives blend functionality, quality, and aesthetics to offer a range of knives that meet the needs of outdoor enthusiasts, collectors, and professionals. Each knife is a testament to the brand's commitment to excellence, ensuring reliability and performance.

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