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“Silva” story began in 1933 with the invention of the first-ever liquid-filled compass by Björn, Alvar, and Arvid Kjellström. This invention was a revolution and set the global standards for how even today navigation works. The Sweden brand made a great impact amongst adventure enthusiasts with its powerful headlamp in 1935. This was named Zeiler and developed primarily for better performance than the conventional ones. The company focuses on designing and making reliable products for outdoor enthusiasts. Whether you need a reliable companion for running, skiing, or commuting to school or work, they have the right tool for you. Each year a new product is launched by the company, which takes the market by storm. It’s not about competition at Silva as they outdo themselves with each product even today after 85 years.


Curiosity is the primary asset for workers at Silva in everything from product development to the adventures these tools take them on. In addition, the focus of the brand is on three main user areas: Sports, Work, and Adventure. With the same zeal, it launched the first mirror sighting compass in 1939, started tray manufacturing in 1955, wrist compass in 1960, and orienteering in the US from 1971. This is just a glimpse of their achievements as in terms of innovation, it has left all its competitors behind in the race. With each new product, the outdoor experience for enthusiasts has been made comfortable. The company has its offices in the UK, Sweden, and Norway.


More About Silva: Leading Travel or Outdoor Gear Manufacturing Brand

Apart from their unique and innovative compass designs, Silva offers a wide range of headlamps, bags, binoculars, navigational equipment, including weather/temperature/altimeter/wind meters, and orienteering accessories. The famous compasses are produced by the HANZA Group’s facilities in Suzhou, China. A wide variety of portable compasses is manufactured for hiking, recreational, and marine uses. Wondering whether they have a compass that works in all possible magnetic zones or not? Silva offers the “global” needle versions that are suitable for use in all magnetic zones of the world. The Silva Group consists of the parent company called Silva Sweden AB, with its subsidiaries Silva Ltd. in the United Kingdom, Silva France, Silva Deutschland, and Silva Far East. It further is engaged in core activities such as design, development, and manufacturing. The diligent employees of the company choose the finest quality materials for each product and blend them with innovation and the latest technology to provide a completely reliable and unique end product.

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Silva Map Measurer Plus: A Map Measurer helps in planning a trip in detail, avoiding any unpleasant surprises on the way. The daily stages linked together with the number of the days of the trip shall be equivalent to the distance that has to be covered to reach the destination in goal time. Silva Map Measurer Plus is a digital navigation instrument with a waterproof design. Just set it as per the map scale and it will measure the planned route in kilometers, miles, or nautical miles. If a known speed is provided, then it can also calculate the time that will be taken to cover the rest of the trip.


Silva Marine Clinometer: The Clinometers by Silva are perfect for all types of vehicles. Each of them has two scales, wherein one is ±35° and a fine-tuning scale ± 5°. Such meters can be used for checking heeling angle on sailing boats to ensure different vehicles and equipment sit level or at the desired angle. A Silva Clinometer is easy to read. Thus, a secure reading allows the user to set the course right. With a steady mounting feature, it keeps in place even in rough conditions.


Silva Compass Soft Cases: Don’t let any weather stop you! Silva Compass Soft Cases are lightweight yet durable to withstand tough weather conditions. The compass cases have a hard exterior and a soft interior with mesh storage. The zipper closure keeps your compass safe. The cases from this series are perfect for the carrier on adventure trips, where you need a secure and reliable carry for the compass. The compact size of the case makes it easily fit in backpacks. The compass soft cases by Silva are made in China.


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Silva Headlamps Series: Designed keeping in mind outdoor conditions, the headlamps by Silva will be your absolute favorite while enjoying the adventure at night time. Whether you like running in the dark, or skiing after the sun has set, or even tough outdoor adventures, Silva designs headlamps for all. The weight, battery backup, and power of each lamp are as per the specific use for which it is designed. Such as the Silva Trail Speed 4XT Headlamp has a lightweight USB rechargeable battery (3,3 Ah) with a battery indicator, and is perfect in conditions where additional burn time is required. Whereas the Trail Runner Free from the collection features semi-high power LEDs. The other headlamp models from this range are EXCEED 3X/3XT, TRAIL SPEED 4R, and CROSS TRAIL 6/6X/6 ULTRA. Use the multi-activity lamps and enjoy your adventure trip without worries.


Silva Beginner Outdoor Compass Series: This series features compass designs that are made for the ease of beginners with navigation in mind. The Silva STARTER 1-2-3 and Field model comes fitted with a rotatable capsule and detachable lanyard. Whereas, the BEGIN 2 has a Swedish steel needle and can be easily worn on the wrist. Pocket Compass has a thermometer, while the Silva Metro is an urban street-smart compact compass. All the models included in the series have something unique, however, what remains the same is their outstanding performance in every condition.


Silva Outdoor Compass Series:  For use under tough conditions, these outdoor compasses are made with premium-grade materials. Silva Expedition Global from this series features a global needle and is ideal for professionals and experienced users. All the compasses from this series are high-performing when it comes to accuracy, precision, and durability. The other two models that are widely appreciated are Silva Ranger, Silva Ranger Global, and Silva Ranger SL.


Silva Nor Spectra Thumb Compass Series: With great map visibility, high contact thumb plate, NOR needle, a Nor Spectra Thumb Compass is an elite model without fuss. This tool is best for runners, as its design helps in maintaining accuracy even at the highest speed. The compasses from this series are made in China with high-grade materials, which allows them to withstand tough weather conditions. Moreover, the excellent base plate allows for better contact between the thumb and map. All the thumb compasses from this series feature a spectra system.


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Further, when it comes to compasses or travel-related tools, Silva is one of our best-selling brands. With decades of experience, the brand continues to deliver outstanding products. You can check out their complete collection on our online store. If you have a doubt and need assistance, then we are always there to help you out. Just send in either a mail at customercare@knifecountryusa.com or call us on (800) 342-9118/ 248-534-1383, and we will clear all your doubts. Although the online store is always live, we work offline from Monday to Friday from 09:00 AM - 04:00 PM Eastern time. For a quick response, we advise you to send in the query on any of our offline working days within the mentioned time frame. Happy Shopping!

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