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Hooyman Saws is a Columbia-based brand that was established in 2008 by Andrew Hooyman who was a Business graduate from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. Hooyman got the inspiration to start this business when he along with his family developed a tree saw that functioned as both extendible and folding saw. Beginning from developing a functional tree saw, Hooyman Saws has now become one of the leading brands in the hunting and outdoor industry. Andrew’s passion for entrepreneurship with his legacy of being a good hunter paved a way to the establishment of an internationally recognized outdoor gear manufacturing brand.


From the very beginning, Hooyman was focused on making a range of superior performance gears for serious outdoorsmen. Presently, the brand has been taken over by Battenfeld Technologies. Battenfeld continues to take Hooyman Saws to the next level of success with some new product lines. After the takeover, the company has promised the continuation of exceptional service to the customers that they have always enjoyed.


Superior Performance Hooyman

The inventory of Hooyman Saws comprises of an array of products ranging from a pole saw to lane trimmers. The skilled team at Hooyman is focused on engineering the products that passionate hunters can rely on. They make sure that the customers get to use a range of technologically advanced tools to enhance their success in the woods. This has led Hooyman to manufacture the best and most eclectic premium tree saws, handsaws and cutting and pruning accessories on the market.


All the products in the brand’s inventory are built by the conservationists, for the Conservationist. The Hooyman Saws ensures bow hunters a clean shot with the extremely functional designs combined with adjustability. The exclusive positive locking feature and the use of aircraft grade aluminum construction are some of the impressive attributes of Hooyman products. If you are a hunter or an outdoorsman looking for a perfect gear for your next adventure, then Hooyman Saws has got you covered with all that you need.


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Hooyman Chain Saws: The saws in this category are specially designed for cutting through wood, plastic, bone and soft metals. All the products in this series have a lightweight design, making it easier for outdoorsmen to carry in their pockets. These cutting saws feature a unique design that enables the user to cut in both stroke directions. Products like the pole saw replacement bar can be used as a replacement for cordless tree saws. The chain saws are made with high-grade stainless steel to provide maximum strength when in use. Many products in this series are often used by survivalists for self-defense purposes. All the products in this series are proudly manufactured and assembled in China.
Hooyman Megabite Hand Saw: This series includes a variety of hand saw knives that are made from high carbon SK5 steel for extra sharpness and strength. All the megabite saws available in this category are tamed to cut fast and clean. Most of these knives have chrome plated blades that stay sharp even after cut. The XP 4-edge tooth blades provide unmatched cutting performance and longer cutting life. Megabite handsaws provide two locking positions for use in a standard cutting position and a hyper extended position to provide a wide variety of cutting methods. The ergonomic rubber over-molded handles of these saw knives offer tight and anti-slip grip. Some knives in this series feature an interchangeable design that lets you switch between the bone blade and wood blade easily. The Hooyman hand saws in this series come clam packed for easy storage.

Extendable Tree Saw: This series comprises of the most-talked about products in the market. You can use this tree saws as a usual folding saw or add the extension to reach the hard to reach branches. Many tree saws in this series are equipped with a revolutionary telescopic extension system, making it sturdy and adjustable. The SK5 carbon steel blades of these telescopic saws make them ideal for heavy-duty use. The extension arm of the saws in this niche is constructed of aircraft grade aluminum so it’s both lightweight and extraordinarily strong. Some saws in this series feature an I-beam design that assures stability and flex-free operation. The locking design enables all the sections to lock individually. All the tree extension saws are available in a packed box with hanging tab.

Cordless Lithium Pole Saw:  The lithium pole saw is specially designed to operate with a 40V lithium battery that gets charged in 60 minutes to run for longer durations than you imagined. This pole saw delivers high performance with fade free power and no memory loss. These saws can be easily extended to 10 feet and collapsed to 48 inches. The user can efficiently snap in and out of this saw. It includes a battery charge indicator for power level checks, making it functional. The features like hassle-free auto-oiler and easy chain adjustment make it an impressive outdoor hunting gear.


Warranty Information

All the Hooyman products are warranted to be free of defects in design, material, and craftsmanship for the lifetime of the original owner. The company is liable to repair or replace the product if it’s found to be defective. It is important for the customers to understand that some products cannot be repaired or replaced with a similar one due to the limited availability of parts. In cases like that the product will be replaced with another in the same niche having the same economic value.

The Hooyman Saws does not warrant its products against normal wear or misuse. The customers are informed that the products should not be used as hammers, chisels, pry bars, or screwdrivers. Upon receiving the defected product, the analyzing department at Hooyman will detect the type of defect and if it shows damage due to misuse, then the product will be repaired for a reasonable fee.


Exceptional Designs Complemented with High-Quality Standards

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