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Founded in 2016, BnB Knives is the brainchild of a third-generation blade smith. The company's forte is the production of knives from exotic metals such as Damascus, D2, stainless steel, and high-carbon steel. The company's folding, hunting, tactical, and bespoke knives are among the industry's finest because of their relentless pursuit of perfection in design and production, their use of premium materials, and their commitment to satisfying customers. Knives of this caliber are rarely seen, and the manufacturer stands behind them with a lifetime guarantee.


Every BnB Knife is the result of careful craft, from selecting the finest raw materials to the meticulous and rigorous steps taken to ensure quality control at each phase of manufacturing, elevating the act of cutting from a mundane chore to an exceptional pleasure. The critical hardening process is monitored and controlled precisely using Rockwell hardness testing equipment (HRC). As a result, the superiority of the cutting edge and the durability against corrosion are both dependent on the accuracy of the heat treatment procedure.


BnB Knife uses a sharpness testing mechanism to verify that each knife is at its razor's edge for maximum efficiency. In addition, a laser angles control unit ensures that grinding and honing angles are kept at the correct settings throughout the manufacturing process. Forging, tempering, and hardening a quality knife depends on using a particular grade of steel. The steel used to make BnB knives is of the highest quality. Each blade is guaranteed to last because of the company's dedication to quality.

All You Need to Know About BnB Knives

BucknBear Knives is a family business that a third-generation knife smith launched in the sleepy Pennsylvania town of New Holland. High carbon and Damascus steel blades are the company's forte, and they spare no effort in perfecting their manufacturing process and blade designs to serve their clients better.


Some of the most famous BnB Knife models include Velociraptor Claw KARAMBIT, Damascus Hunter, and Ultimate Survival Machete. Besides these popular knife models, the company provides a range of kitchen utility, hunting, tactical, hatchets, and other knives, available in different designs and materials. Whether a chef or an outdoor adventurer, BnB Knives has a catalog to fulfill every demand.


You only need to take a look at a BucknBear knife to want to add it to your collection. BucknBear Knives is a Pennsylvania-based company that creates high-quality conventional folders and fixed blades. With an emphasis on quality control, BucknBear crafts each knife by hand, using Damascus steel blades and unique handle materials. These knives are a great addition to any knife set and won't break the bank. In addition, knife Country USA stands behind all BucknBear items with a manufacturer's warranty, ensuring that any knife you purchase from us will perform to your satisfaction.

BucknBear Knives Series


BucknBear Fixed Blade Knives: The B&B Fixed Blade Knife is famous for bushcraft, hunting, and camping. The 8.5-inch overall length makes it a versatile tool for any task you can think of. The 4.25-inch Damascus steel blade is tough enough to cut through most materials efficiently, and the full tang ensures that the blade will never snap off in the middle of a critical cut. The black and blue canvas Micarta handle is lightweight but provides a secure grip for any task you're completing.

BucknBear Piranha Tactical Knife: You need a knife for all your everyday tasks, and with the BucknBear Piranha Knife, you have an elite field-ready design that will stand up to the most challenging tasks. The Piranha Knife is a cutting tool refined over decades of experience in developing equipment for use in tactical or survival situations. It has a sharp D2 steel blade and an ergonomic G10 grip with a lanyard hole.


BucknBear Double Edge Damascus Steel Dagger: BucknBear Dagger is an excellent choice for a durable, sharp, and versatile blade. It's the perfect size for a small hunting knife or a self-defense weapon. With its sleek design and complete tang construction, this dagger is a must-have in any collection. This dagger is perfect for self-defense, throwing, or display. The blade is made from Damascus steel and has the perfect balance of sharpness and durability.


BucknBear Kings Bowie Knife: BucknBear Kings Bowie knife is a perfect Bowie knife for hunting, camping, and survival. The blade is top-quality Damascus steel and has a clip-point design with a stag handle. The handle has stainless bolsters that add weight to the knife for better control. It also has a brown leather belt sheath for easy carrying.


BucknBear Tactical Chopper Knife: The BucknBear Tactical Chopper is a beautifully crafted knife with a black finish 440C stainless steel blade. The handle is made of red and black sculpted G10 and comes with a carrying sheath. It's 10" overall and 5.5" blade length. This chopper is excellent for cutting small branches, cutting up a game, or even as a general utility knife. The complete tang construction ensures durability and strength, while the brown leather belt sheath makes this knife easy to carry.


BucknBear Utility Machete: BucknBear's Utility Machete is the perfect tool for tackling any project that requires a sharp blade and a rugged handle. This machete features a 9" 256-layer Damascus steel Wharncliffe blade and a full tang design. It also has a lanyard hole and brown leather belt sheath, so you never have to worry about losing your favorite tool. With made in USA BucknBear's Utility Machete, you can trust the design and quality.


BucknBear Linerlock Folding Pocket Knives: BucknBear's Linerlock knife is the perfect companion for any outdoor adventure. Whether hiking, camping, hunting, fishing, or just out in the wilderness, this knife will never let you down. It's got a tough black titanium coating and a camo G10 handle that will never let you down. With its 3.5" drop point blade and extended tang, it will do anything you need it to do.


BucknBear Mini EDC Framelock Knife: BucknBear Min EDC is a small, lightweight, discreet carry knife. At just 2.5" (6.35cm) closed and 1.75" (4.45cm) blade, this knife is perfect for everyday carry. In addition, the VG10 Damascus blade and Titanium handle are both durable and lightweight, making it an excellent option for those who want to have a reliable knife with them at all times.


BucknBear EDC Diesel Pocket Knife: The BucknBear Diesel EDC is a beautiful, high-quality knife perfect for EDC. It features a frame lock design, a black stonewash finish, and a 3.75" blade. The handle is made of desert tan G10 with carbon fiber inlay to make it look sleek and stylish. In addition, it has a pocket clip, lanyard hole, and extended tang for safety. Use it indoors or out; it works wonderfully for chopping and slicing. You can use it for all your cutting needs at home, on the trail, or in the car. The stylish basket-weave-patterned handle doubles as a quick-release flipper opener. Get your hands on this iconic knife today!


BucknBear Cleaver Framelock Knife: BucknBear Cleaver is a frame lock knife with a 3.75" black stonewash finish D2 tool steel blade, green G10 handle, and extended tang. It has a lanyard hole, a pocket clip, and a black stainless back handle. BucknBear Cleaver Framelock Knife is perfect for any outdoor enthusiast or knife collector.


BucknBear Tactical Army Hatchet: BucknBear Tactical Army Hatchet is designed to handle the toughest of tasks. Whether chopping wood, clearing brush, or splitting kindling, this axe will do the job efficiently. The blade is made of tough D2 steel, and the handle is crafted from green and black wood. This is the tactical hatchet you need for your next outdoor adventure. It's lightweight, durable, and has a black and green handle for easy grip.

BucknBear Knives Warranty Information

All BucknBear products come with a lifetime warranty against manufacturing flaws. In addition, any broken BucknBear product can be fixed or replaced with a brand-new one at the company's discretion.

Due to a lack of necessary replacement parts, it is sometimes impossible to repair some products. For such cases, BucknBear will provide a replacement product currently available on the market and has the closest possible match to the item sent in for repair.

Get in touch with Knife Country USA if you have any problems or concerns about the condition of your BucknBear product or questions about the manufacturer's warranty.

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