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A brand name primarily owned by Ricoh Imaging Company, Pentax Optics offers a wide range of sport optics including binoculars, scopes, and rifle scopes. Specific gear addressing to different needs, the company puts a lot of effort in designing the most practical and best-performance devices. Enthusiasts and hobbyists know their trade, and pick out the best equipment for their aid. Pentax understands their passion and works in close collaboration to provide reliable gear for outdoors and sports like hunting, bird watching, or for travelling and sports events.


With Pentax, get out and get adventurous whenever nature calls. Any environmental or lighting conditions won’t pose a problem anymore. A wide range of affordable, compact/full-size and zooming models feature premium optics, bright viewing and legendary precision. The hunting range of binoculars and spotting scopes offers glass quality, exceptional eye relief, moisture resistance and comfort.


The company has been manufacturing cameras, lenses and binoculars for more than 90 years and crossed many milestones in the journey of optics. Along with binocular and spotting scopes, high-end rifle scopes with fully multi-coated optics with PentaBright technology allows the users to make the most out of their equipment. All its products are seam-sealed and nitrous-purged for weather proof operation and offer a comfortable and clear viewing with superior optics.

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