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Ferrum Forge Knife Works


Headquartered in San Diego, CA, Ferrum Forge Knife Works is a small family-led business that has carved a niche in the international market as one of the most trustworthy names when it comes to its wide range of multipurpose knives. It was in 2009 when the need for a better functional tool arises and Ferrum Forge Knife Works aroused from Elliot's garage. Elliot and Chris Williamson (brothers) together worked for the same and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that brother’s teamwork played a major role in the foundation of Ferrum Forge Knife Works. They both can bring forth high-performance and quality assured everyday kitchen knives and survival knives, perfect for homemakers, hikers, trekkers, and adventure enthusiasts.


Blade Brothers Behind Ferrum Forge Knife Works

Among Elliot Williamson and Chris Williamson, Elliot, an artist, and dreamer, is the older brother, enthusiastic experimenter, and the one who started it all. His extraordinary skills, a relentless researcher made it all possible to take Ferrum Forge, where it is today; carver of titanium & grinder of blades. He is undoubtedly the brain behind Ferrum Forge. Chris Williamson is younger and extremely responsible and supportive too. He is the design editor and anodizing specialist. This duo is the epitome of how teamwork can bring great results and with that, they were able to create fantastic knives with continuous improvements and modifications, over the years.


Get to Know More About Ferrum Forge Knife Works

A name synonymous with quality and durability, Ferrum Forge Knife Works has always been a trustworthy name when it comes to buying an optimum range of tactical knives that are perfect for everyday use, tactical situations, or can be used by adventure seekers too. From Prolix, Micro Fortis Titanium Frame lock, Stinger, Mini Archbishop, to many more, the list is massive. The range is precisely manufactured and designed, giving a compact, sleek yet so functional design to every knife.


The classic Stinger design has the Nitro V blade along with thinner dimensions while boasting a lightweight design too; most pocket-friendly of all. The material includes the use of G10 handles in the different designs and matching backspacer, but offering optimum performance; the handles are wide and fit the palm without causing strain. Many of the outdoor tactical knives are extremely lightweight and versatile, featuring utilitarian Wharncliffe style blade, which is built from Nitro V steel. Along with this, the drop-point blade shapes, blade edges of the knives are super fine and sharpened to pierce through anything perfectly. Another range includes the powder metallurgy Damascus with a stylish design that lends a classic touch to the knife. These knives are specifically designed using powdered steels that are arranged in a specific pattern, followed by sintered using hot isostatic, which results in monolithic steel.


Ferrum Forge Knife Works Product Category

Magnetic Knife Block & Mounts:

This series includes the finest grade of blocks and mounts that are specifically made and designed to hold the knives perfectly and that too without abruptly slipping off from the designated place. The blocks are available in numerous walnut wooden, maple wood construction that adds to the durability and offers optimum performance over the years. These are ideal for holding small kitchen knives; the magnets are designed to hold the knives and have non-slip bottoms too.


Ferrum Forge Knife Works Product Series

Archbishop Knife Series: The knives in this series are specifically manufactured and designed using finest grade and premium 9Cr18MoV stainless that adds the much-required strength to knives and helps survive the toughest usage every time. With a stonewash finish, these knives have stainless steel and G10 handles and thus, make them much easier to handle perfectly without causing any strain and stress to the hands.

Estate Knife Series: Another addition to the premium range of knives is the Estate Knife Series that includes precisely designed knives with satin finish serrated high carbon stainless blade/ fillet blade, reclaimed hardwood handle, complemented by the stainless bolsters. The blades are wide and long enough to pierce through most of the surfaces perfectly.

Lackey Knife Series: The knives in this series are made using premium stonewash finish D2 tool steel blade/ 9Cr18MoV steel blades that are complemented by the G10 handles. The use of finest grade material adds to the durability and strength that makes Lackey Knife Series the perfect option to consider.

Precision Knife Series: Another addition to the knife series, this has the most precisely designed and manufactured fork and rods that are widely used for different uses. The full tang Precision Carving Fork in this series features a synthetic handle, while the Precision Honing rod features a long round steel rod that makes it much stronger and durable.

Prolix Knife Series: This knife series includes the finest grade knives that feature Nitro V Wharncliffe blade that offers commendable strength to withstand extreme situations and roughest usage. These knives have a G10 handle that is wide enough to offer comfort to the palms when using, while the material is durable and works flawlessly for years.

Reserve Knife Series: Another one of the most precisely designed and demanded knife series, Reserve Knife Series includes the finest grade of knives that are made using satin finish serrated high carbon stainless blade that is given different sizes to cater to the different preferences of the customers. With a reclaimed hardwood handle, these knives boast perfect structural stability and offer much easier use.

Stinger Knife Series: One of the most popular knife series, the Stinger Knife Series includes classic Stinger-designed knives that are compact and much slimmer, and functional. These knives have a Nitro V blade with much thinner dimensions and boast a lightweight design too. The provision of G10 handles adds to the convenience and performance; along with the handles, the knives have a matching backspacer too. 


Ferrum Forge Knife Works Warranty

The complete range of products at Ferrum Forge Knife Works is warranted to be free from any kind of manufacturing or designing defects. In case if there are few products that are found to have a defect then, the company extends a limited lifetime warranty on all knife products, with the purpose to build confidence and reliability in terms of the quality that is presented into each Ferrum Forge knife. With sheer commitment towards manufacturing, innovative and functional design along with excellent customer service, Ferrum Forge always reflects a tradition of excellence when it comes to their knives. With a limited lifetime warranty, in case there is an issue in the warranty then the knife will be replaced too. In case the performance and results are unsatisfied with the purchase for a non-warranty reason, then the knife can be returned, considering the knife is in new/unused condition.


Knife Country Presents Premium Ferrum Forge Knives for Outdoor Adventure and Hiking

Finding the right functional tool is not an easy task, but Knife Country USA makes it much easier for you by bringing all the designer, tactical everyday carry knives, cutlery, or any other survival tools and kits under one roof. From outdoor tactical knives, axes & hatchets, hammers, flashlights, to complete survival kits, you have everything under one roof. The massive range of products is specifically sourced and manufactured by renowned brands that include Ferrum Forge Knife Works, which offers quality-assured, durable knives that are known for their extreme sharpness and functionality. These knives are perfect for adventure enthusiasts, hikers, trekkers, and professional hunters. Expect the quality, available at Knife Country USA, to be extremely superior, while our customer services offer a convenient shopping experience, which is backed by the 30-day satisfaction guarantee. Connect with us in case of query, call us at (800) 342-9118 or send us an e-mail anytime. We would be glad to offer you the best options possible and cater to your knife-related doubts too.



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