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SRM Knives came into existence in 1998 under the leadership of professional knife makers and skilled artists. The company became a household name in China with the launch of exceptional quality knives that won the trust of the real-life knife users and collectors across the world. SRM is an independent brand that caters to the requirements of professionals across the knife-buying community outside of main land China. Great designs inspired from the traditional knife-making methods and presenting a visibly stronger range of knives makes SRM a renowned name in the industry.


Cost Effective Knives with New-fangled Designs

Breaking the monotony of old traditional designs with heavy handles and repetitive designs, SRM has made a successful debut with the introduction of cost-effective knives with strong, classic, and affordable designs. The knives at SRM replace most of the incomprehensible knife designs. Deployment becomes easy with the SRM knives, the mechanism is simple, and the knives offer exceptional grip that is required in most demanding tasks.


Expect Great Functionality with Ergonomic Design

The knives at SRM are simple and show the intricate details that makes the knives different from other. SRM shows the consistency in their craft. Aesthetically pleasing designs appeal to knife lovers and collectors across the design. The G-10 handles (high-pressure fiberglass laminate) offer exceptional grip in demanding tasks while making it easier to hold for a longer duration.  



SRM products are guaranteed to be free of defects, be it in in terms of material or quality. SRM will repair or replace your product with a new product after consulting the repairing department. The replacement purely depends on availability of that part at the workshop. The products are to be used carefully, and not abruptly that can hamper the performances or the quality.


Knife Country Offers Knives, Cutlery and Outdoor Supplies On Single Platform

Knife Country has emerged as one of the most reputable names offering tools, knives and cutlery, with the assurance of genuine and optimum quality merchandise. The online retail shop is a haven for the globetrotters, real life knife users and adventure enthusiasts. Expect more than 30,000 models to select from accessories for outdoor exploration, camping, adventure vacationing, self-defense, combat, and survival products. SRM Knives has continued to serve the demands of people from different professions owing to the excellent range of knives. The products are sourced from 500+ genuine manufacturers around the world. Explore and select from bestselling products like flashlights, camping gear, and other survival equipment.

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