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Ohta Knives is a Japanese company, founded by self-taught knife maker Hiroaki Ohta. Hiroaki was greatly inspired by a picture he saw in a magazine of Randall Model 1, a beautifully designed fighter knife. He started making knives in 1898 with a vision to perfectly blending tradition with modern technology to deliver the finest quality knives and tools. Hiroaki got knife-making training from Yoshimi Kotoh, who is known to be the first person to design contemporary Higonokami-style knives out of wood. The company majorly indulged in designing fixed blade knives, slip joint knives and personalized cutters apt for use while hunting, fishing, and self-defense. The designs of Ohta Knives are greatly inspired by Japanese pocket knife ‘Higonokami’ that has its lineage back in the 19th century.


Presenting Simplistic Designs with Ease of Functionality

Ohta is known for its beautifully designed and simple hand-made knives. The company offers and manufactures knives that are comfortable to hold and use. Most of these knives feature extended blade tangs which fit perfectly on the spine of the handles that prevent the knives from closing while in use. Ohta Knives designs every day carry tools that weigh less than one ounce and slips perfectly in your pouch, purse, and wallet. The brand along with providing ease of functionality takes special care in developing great ergonomic feels as the handles are beautifully designed with a satin smooth finish, steel pin, and washer.    


Products with Robust Material Construction

Ohta Knives offers a growing catalogue of Fixed blades, slip joints, friction folders and custom-made box cutters. Hiroaki believed that Japan has a history of rich blade crafts, living up to that notion, Ohta Knives manufactures sharp blades with supreme-quality stainless carbon material. The handles of most of the Ohta knives are made of carbon fiber or cocobolo wood or ebony wood or rosewood construction depending upon the model. These woods are preferred by knife makers because they are lightweight and available in different attractive colors and patterns. These knives are available with leather pouch and lanyard hole which increase the visibility of the knives while out in dense areas.


Expect Innovative Products with Warranty

Ohta Knives gives a warranty against any defects in the material, workmanship or manufacturing of the product. The company takes the responsibility to repair and replace any defected product with the new item. If Ohta Knives is unable to repair some of the product due to limited availability of the parts and other related items of the ordered product, the company will replace the product with the closest possible matched item in such situations. As per the company’s rules, if the item is misused or mishandled by the user it will not be replaced or repaired. The hand- tools and knives should not be used as hammers, pry bars, screwdrivers or chisels.


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