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Wyoming Saws and Zipper Tools

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Wyoming Tools is one among the top brands to look for in field dressing knives and the most popular, Wyoming Saw. Excelling in the realm of multi-tools, Wyoming has emerged as a chosen option for survivalists and adventurers. Wyoming Tools can easily perform four different functions such as ripping, gutting, skinning as well as scalping without much hassle. Wyoming Tools have replaceable blades and are easily sharpened.


Wyoming Knife with Leather Sheath, WK-10033

A Wyoming Knife is just perfect to hold when you are out in the outdoors. Whether you want to hunt or cut the tent rope, this Wyoming knife is no less than wonder. Offering a perfect blend of speed and safety, this knife is generally offered with straight fixed blades. The contoured frame of this knife is accompanied by an integral thumb ramp, a pinky rest, and 2 finger holes. This USA manufactured knife comes in a durable leather sheath for added protection on the go!


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A family owned and managed business, Knife Country USA is at the top of the hierarchy in the niche of survival, outdoors, self-defense, and camping/hiking gear and accessories. It retails products from the best brands like Wyoming Tools, and sell at lower than the usual market prices. Contact options include Toll Free (800) 342-9118, (248) 382-5285 or customercare@knifecountryusa.com.

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