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Wyoming Saws and Zipper Tools

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Wyoming Knife Corporation or Wyoming Tools has been manufacturing knives, outdoor gear, saws, and tactical tools since 1971. The company located in Fort Collins, the United States manufactures quality tools and outdoor gear for easy and safe outdoor adventure. Wyoming Tools is known in the marketplace for offering durable and highly functional products.


The company has specialized in designing knives, saws and other tools that are perfect for capping, scalping, skinning, gutting and ripping. Wyoming Tools is famous and globally recognized for its saws and zipper tools made from high-quality material. Practically designed tools are safe to use and maintain. It largely caters to professional knife users, hobbyists, hunters, fishermen, and adventure enthusiasts.


Expect Superior Quality Survival Tools at Wyoming Tools

Wyoming Tools caters largely to survivalists and adventure enthusiasts and it makes sure to provide unmatched quality products that can withstand everyday abuse and environmental damage easily. The company manufactures a product that is ideal for both commercial/heavy-duty tasks as well as low-profile tasks such as field dressing and cleaning fish. The compact folding saws and traditional skinning knives are highly appreciated by professional knife users and knife experts.


Provides Highly Functional, Made-In- USA Tools

The company offers quality products made from the premium quality material in the United States. Most Wyoming saws have fixed blade knives made from sturdy material like stainless steel and aluminum. The brand also offers replacement saw blades that are compatible with every Wyoming saw. The handle construction is done using robust material like die-cast aluminum, bone, and wood. Most of these tools are available with heavy-duty sheath, thumb ridge, and finger choil to offer maximum comfort to the users.   


Offers an Innovative Product Range

Wyoming Tools provides distinctive looking, innovative and long performing tools. From fixed blades to one-piece handles to heavy-duty leather sheath, every tool or outdoor gear offers a perfect blend of functionality and durability. The company majorly offers wooden and bone saws along with replacement saw blades.


Wyoming Replacement Saw Blades:  The series offers and maintain a collection of easy to remove spare or replacement saw blades. The collection provides different blades, made from the finest quality, heavy-duty surgical steel, that are compatible with different Wyoming saws.  Some of this replacement saw blades have serrated edges that perform cutting and chopping jobs easily and effectively. The replacement blades are available for different saws such as wood saw 1, wood saw 2, bone saw 1 and bone saw 2.


Wyoming Wood and Bone Saws:  This collection offers a wide variety of fixed blade saws manufactured with great precision in the United States. The razor-sharp edges knives are perfect for bush crating, cutting, and field dressing. The saws cater largely to hunters, professional outdoor enthusiasts, and bush crafters. Most of these saws are available with die-cast aluminum and serrated blades for easy and comfortable use. Some of these saws are available with camouflage nylon and a leather sheath for easy and safe storage and transportation.


Warranty Policy

Wyoming Knife Corporation products are guaranteed to be free of defects, be it in in terms of material, quality and craftsmanship. The company will repair or replace any defective product with a new item after consulting the repairing department. The replacement purely depends on the availability of that part at the workshop. The products are to be used carefully, and not abruptly that can hamper the performances or the quality. Wyoming tools are not meant to be used as or with hammers, prybars, chisels, and screwdrivers to element wear and tear damages.


Buy Wyoming Tools at Online Megastore- Knife Country USA

Knife Country USA has emerged as one of the most reputable names for providing tools, knives, and cutlery, with the assurance of genuine and optimum quality merchandise. The online retail shop is a one-stop destination for the globetrotters, professional knife users, hobbyists, hunters, and adventure enthusiasts. Expect more than 30,000 models to select from accessories for outdoor exploration, camping, adventure vacationing, self-defense, combat, and survival products. The online web store is an exceeding family of 500 manufacturers. Explore and select from bestselling products like flashlights, camping gear, and other survival equipment. Wyoming Tools manufactures quality tools and outdoor gear for easy and safe outdoor adventure. The company has been manufacturing knives, outdoor gear, saws, and tactical tools since 1971. To know more about Knife Country USA and other manufacturers, write to us on customercare@knifecountryusa.com.



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