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The PigTail® Food Flipper™ can easily pierce the edge of any solid food. Using this food flipper, you can turn food quickly. Although, using this The PigTail® Food Flipper™ is not just restricted to flipping hot dogs or hamburgers, you can turn over an array of food items like bacon, shrimp, steak, and even scallops. Under the ownership of Eric Wangler, Jaccard Company has been manufacturing these food flippers since 1962.

Apart from flippers, Original PigTail Food Flippers, Meat Tenderizers, Meat Mallets, Cedar Grilling Planks and Portable Stoves are offered in the segment.


Pig Tail Food Flippers: Know A Little Better

A Pig Tail Food Flipper features a sharp and spiral snare at the dead end. The tapered steel shift is designed to facilitate easy penetration in to any solid food.  With a simple fist rotation, the food is turned over. This pigtail can be used to handle any thing from a hot dog to French toast in the most effortless manner. Ideal for outdoor cooking, this pigtail food flipper can be used in kitchen oven or a broiler.


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