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RH Preyda Sharpener Stone

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The desire to fulfill the need for fine quality sharpening stones led to the incorporation of RH Preyda. The company was conceived with an idea to cater the demands of different industries inclusive of jewelry and watchmaking, sporting and outdoor, tactical and survival, industrial tool and die and foodservice and culinary. RH Preyda has continued to serve the clients with the perfectly handcrafted sharpening stones that are flawless to be used for wide array of applications. The company stands apart from the crowd owing to the Natural Arkansas Novaculite infused stones they offer.


Stones Extracted from Ouachita Mountains of Arkansas

RH Preyda is committed to deliver the best-in-class stones that can be used with any tool. The urge to deliver optimum-quality handcrafted sharpening stones took RH Preyda to the Ouachita Mountains of Arkansas. The brand extracted the best possible stones containing the best of Natural Arkansas Novaculite, known for its density and unique siliceous structure. RH Preyda sharpening stones are skillfully crafted under the leadership of experienced craftsmen. These stones with customizable capabilities offer superior sharpening solutions that are perfect for both industrial and consumer use. Few Preyda stones include the Aluminum Oxide Combination Stones, Flattening Stones, Arkansas Water Stones, Bench Stones, Combination Bench Stones, Deburring Stones, Honing Kits, Mounted Stones, Paddle Stones, Pocket Stones, and more. These are the best and effective, high-quality solution to any blade edge.


Stones Of Arkansas That Are Made And Hand-Finished In America

Stones by RH Preyda are a flawless combination of the abrasiveness with perfect hardness required by the different professionals. The stones offered by the company offer an instant dull-to-sharp process. These stones are proved to be the best and way more durable than traditional water stones. The processing and finishing of the stones are carried out in USA. RH Preyda also offers the coarse, fine and medium honing stones, recommended to be used for industrial and higher volume use. The stones with correct grit are used to achieve flawless sharp edge on knives and tools in the minimum time.


Warranty Information

RH Preyda products are warranted to be free of defects. If the products are damaged by the misuse, then no replacement would be made even in the initial days of use. However, in few cases, the replacement or repair can be done only after the approval from the repair department. The defective stones will be replaced with a new item after complete inspection.


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