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Established in 1889, Ontario Knife Company is an award-winning knife, cutlery and tool manufacturing company. Operating out of Upstate New York for over 125 years, the company produces a wide range of tools like cutlery and kitchenware, hunting and fishing knives, survival equipment, science and medical tools, and tactical knives. The company is recognized for building knives and tools for the U.S. military since World War II. Besides U.S. Armed Forces, OKC works in collaboration with a network of distributors, dealers, and commercial retailers to sell the products across the nation and internationally to over 35 countries.


Situated in Southern Tier, New York, the knife manufacturer produces one of the most comprehensive range of products in the cutlery industry today. It has built its reputation through a heritage of uncompromising craftsmanship, quality materials and components, and a commitment to its workforce. Ontario’s product line includes Sporting/Outdoor Knives, Agilite Kitchen Cutlery, Old Hickory Kitchen Cutlery, Industrial and Agricultural Products, RAT Knives, Ranger Knives, and Sci-Med Tools and Instruments.



The Ranger Knives – Combat Knives



The Ranger line by Ontario Knife Company incorporates a line of combat and survival knives and tools that are designed and built for combat deployment in the roughest terrains. The knives feature thick blade constructed using robust carbon steel, a durable micarta handle, and a MOLLE compatible sheath. The foundation of Ranger Knives was laid by US Army Rangers with a mission to provide knives which can be used in critical situations. With time, Ranger Knives emerged as one of the leading options to satiate field requirements of the military personnel and soldiers. The catalogue is segmented in Afghan Series, Little Bird Series, Knight Stalker Series, RD Series, Shank Series, RAK Series, and Shiv Series.


Decoding Ranger Knives by Product Series

Ranger Knives are recognized for its construction and high performance. The knives feature basic construction which includes carbon steel blade and wrap cord handles. The knives have a lanyard hole that allows you to hook keys or attach it with your backpack. The cord handles wrap make it easy to grip these knives, making it easy to use during survival situation or to use in law enforcement.


Ranger Axes: The series includes a plethora of axes that are helpful during outdoor venturing. Built using robust material, these axes are one-handed weapons widely used in law enforcement. They can also be used as you go for hunting. These axes are perfect for self-defense training and Airsoft and paintball communities.


Ranger Fixed Blade Knives: The series consists of a wide range of fixed blade knives that ensure precise cuts and are easy to handle. The knives bear carbon steel construction and black rubber construction, making them perfect for outdoor usage. Being an integral part of arms and ammunition department, these knives are preferred by military personnel.  


Ranger Karambit Knives: The series includes plethora of fixed blade knives that boast black rubber construction. These knives have carbon steel blade and sculpted black micarta handles. The handles give the knives an amazing look and feel. The knives come complete with black Kydex sheath.


Afghan Series: The knife series encompasses a wide range of high-performing carbon steel blade knives. These knives have lanyard holes that help in hooking keys or attaching knives with the backpack. Easy to grip, the knives last lifetime– thanks to their strong construction. They are ideal for cutting and slicing and make for essential part of the kitchenware.


Falcon Series: The Falcon knife series consists of heavy-duty knives with steel blades. The knives are ideal for hunting both small and large games and can be carried for all outdoor adventures. The knives boast micarta handles that ensure non-slippery, firm grip.


Knight Stalker Series: The Knight Series includes fixed blade knives that boast 5160 carbon steel blades. The blades are coated with black texture powder that prevents rusting and scratching. The knives come complete with nylon sheath and edge protecting hard plastic insert.


Little Bird Series: The series includes knives with 1095 steel blade with a plain edge construction. The easy-to-use knives flaunt full tang blade that ensures solid grip. The firm grip micarta handles add to the smooth performance. The thumb notch on the spine of the handle ensures optimum performance. Lightweight and compact, these knives take little space and come handy.


RAK Series: The RAK knife series features plethora of fixed blade knives with Saber grind instead of flat grind. The knives feature pointed glass breaker pommel that works well for emergency evacuation. The knives are strong enough to break car’s windows and perform tasks like fuzz making. These knives are widely used by the US force in Iraq and Afghanistan.


RD Series: Expect knives with bigger blades that are constructed using spring steel with chromium added for extra strength and toughness. The knives are resistant to wear and feature extended lanyard slots and pry bars. They flaunt colored micarta handles. Featuring drop point blade design, the knives come complete with nylon sheath and edge protecting hard plastic insert.


Shank Series: The series is recognized for knives with ergonomic handles that are covered by cord saving the users from unnecessary fatigue. The 1095 steel blade is powder coated and prevents rusting. These knives are handy for outdoor adventures and are perfect for hunting, combat, and survival situation. Expect pointed tip blade that ensures precise cuts.


Shiv Series: The knives of this series have a spear point design with black textured powder coated blades. The knives are ideal for general wood use. The micarta handles flaunt unique contouring which adds to the appeal of the Ranger Shiv knives. The knife has two bolts on the handle that holds the scales in place while the lanyard hole at the rear makes it easy to run paracord through. The knives are ideal for splitting wood, removing material while making tent stakes, preparing fire.



Ranger Knives by Ontario Knife Company are free from manufacturing defects. The owner warranties against the products it offers. However, in case of a manufacturing defect, the product is open to repair or replacement with a new one. But the warranty policy stands nullified in case the knives are misused or worn out. It is to be noted that the products cannot be used as hammers, chisels, hammers, pry bars, and screw drivers. In case of misuse, the manufacturer will charge reasonable fees to repair the product.


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