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INOVA Flashlights is a well-known company that was established in 1989 by Emissive Energy Corp. an engineering solution company. The INOVA products have always been appreciated in the industry for the excellence in design, engineering and technology. A few years later, Emissive Energy Corp. collaborated with Nite Ize for a variety of projects that included manufacturing of INOVA Flashlights. The partnership between the two companies lasted for two years and now INOVA Flashlights is flourishing under the guidelines of Nite Ize only.


Nite Ize has been in business for a long time. The company emphasizes on bringing innovative consumer products into the market. This brand promises to reinforce and expand its range of consumer products into the markets they have been developing for years. Rick Case, the president of the company also explains that the company is dedicated to include innovation, technology and design within the consumer channels they currently serve. 

INOVA Flashlights – Lighting Your Way Anywhere Anytime

INOVA Flashlights is one of those few brands that brought an extensive knowledge of semi-conductor development, laser technology and light emitting diodes (LEDs) into the industry. The brand has been awarded with over 135 patents for their efforts. INOVA focusses on continuing to design high-end, cutting-edge LED and laser illumination and targeting systems for the military and public safety makers.


Currently INOVA offers five exclusive lines of high-performance LED flashlights. Each model is tried and tested for delivering maximum power for undertaking the severest tasks in stride. Some of the most common features that make INOVA flashlights the most preferable ones in the market are non-breaking, filament-free, solid-state LEDs, aerospace-grade aluminum bodies, impact-resistant heads, moisture-resistant seals, and military-spec anodized finishes ensure dependability and durability in difficult situations and harsh conditions. Whenever you need a handheld LED light that you can depend on for your next outdoor expedition, then INOVA is the brand you should have your trust in.


The Groundbreaking Inventory of INOVA Flashlights

All the series of INOVA lights are manufactured to deliver an unrivaled performance and durability packed in one product for a lifetime. The exclusive range of INOVA Flashlights are as followed:


Micro Light Series: This series of micro-lights includes an assortment of compact flashlights that are easy to operate. These LED lights are specially designed to light up to 22 hours with set of two 2016 lithium coin cell batteries and offer visibility up to one mile. INOVA Micro-Light operates in four modes—high, variable dimming, low, and flash. These flashlights are ideal to use in emergency situations. These micro lights are used for multiple purposes such as reading maps, finding directions, finding keyholes or sending alert or SOS signals. All the lights in this series come packed in a compact water-resistant case, featuring a pocket clip that makes it easy to carry along.



Pen Flashlight: This series of flashlights is one of the most advanced products manufactured by INOVA. These lights are designed in the shape of a pen with water resistant construction. The high-grade anodized finish of these pens makes them withstand toughest situations. Most of the lights in this series feature dual light mode that supports both high and low output. During High-144 Runtime, the Inova Pen Flashlight operates up to 1 hour while in Low-30 Runtime, it can provide light up to 34 hours. These flashlights are effective till the range of 170 feet. These lights come with an end-cap switch that ensures consistency in high and low output.



Radiant Flashlights: this series ofINOVA Flashlights comprises of LEDs that focus on multiple functionality. This category includes a range of 3 in 1 LED flashlights to ultra-bright lanterns and headlamp. This series offers high-quality lighting solutions that is ideal for everyday outdoor activities.



STS Headlamp Lights: This series provides the customers with emergency lighting solutions that can be used for versatile purposes such as finding directions and reading maps. These lights are impressively designed to easily fit in your hands. INOVA STS Headlamp Lightworks in multiple modes with a simple touch interface. Most of these lights used in this series are manufactured using impact resistant polycarbonate, making them durable enough to stand the test of time. These lights can be operated in multiple modes – high, variable dim, medium strobe and lockout modes. Its lightweight construction makes these lights easy to carry, catering to the needs of camping enthusiasts, hunters and even law enforcement or military professionals. 


Police LED Flashlights: These lights are often used as tactical flashlights. The LED lights in this series are specially designed to cater to the requirements of serious technical and functional needs of security personnel, law enforcement, and army professionals. All the flashlights in this series are modelled using aerospace-grade aluminum with anodized finish, making them sturdy enough to withstand tough conditions. The energy-efficient LED flashlightsfrom Inova offers uniform, powerful illumination to ensure tactical grade durability. Most of the lights in this series feature tempered glass with anti-reflective coating to provide focused spot with flood beam pattern. You can explore a wide range of high-performance Police LED Flashlights by INOVA Flashlights.


Warranty Information

The INOVA products are guaranteed to be free of manufacturing and material defects. In case the customers are not satisfied with their products, they can ask the company for a replacement, repair or exchange. The company assures to use highest quality materials and craftsmanship. If in case any of the INOVA product has stopped performing before its reasonable lifetime, then the company is liable to fix the problem. For the products that contain rechargeable batteries, INOVA promises to replace the batteries for the first two years. In case of misuse, the products will be tested by the INOVA repair team and the customers would be fined for repair or replacement.


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