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Few knives have managed to emerge as one of the most preferred option for American aficionados of classical knives despite having a European origin. The republic of France shares the ultimate glory for introducing famous Opinel Knives—a contemporary favorite across the USA and many other nations. Manufactured by the same name, Opinel has been in the business of Opinel Knives since 1890. The line of wooden-handled Opinel knives was produced directly from headquarters—Savoie, France.


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Opinel Knives were primitively sold as Working Man’s Knife, which later became one of the prestigious emblems of French culture. Over time, Larousse dictionary marked the term “Opinel” for an ideal pocketknife with wooden handles. Legendary artist Pablo Picasso, once cited, Opinel Knife as one of his most important sculpting tools. The list of products on offer at Opinel is very impressive. This includes:

  • Slim knives
  • Beech wood handles
  • Colored handles
  • Garden knives
  • Raw handles
  • Limited edition knives
  • Decorated handles


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