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Opinel Knives established in 1890, is a family-owned company located at Savoie, Chambéry, France. Founded by Joseph Opinel, the company is now run by his descendants, manufacturing fine quality knives and pocket tools for the kitchen, DIY, sports, gardening, and other outdoor activities. This European brand is expanding as one of the most preferred choices for American aficionados. Opinel knives manufacture premium quality, popular, and rare knife designs to ensure you get the best deal. The brand provides a range of Fixed Blade Knives, Folding Pocket Knives, Garden Knife Series, Kitchen Knives & Cutlery, Kitchen Paring Knife Series, Knife Sharpeners, Knives Chaperon Series, Chic Series, DIY Series, Number Series, Outdoor Junior Series, Outdoor Series, Slim Series, Trekking Series, VRI Series, VRN Series, Multi-Piece Assortments, Mushroom Knife Series, Carbon Steel Knife Series, Pruning Knife Series, Rounded End Safety Knife Series, and Scrimshaw Knife Series.

Opinel classic knives are always favorite among outdoor enthusiasts, trainers and survival experts. The quality-control and regular checking of products and their expertise is the prime reason for the brand’s success. The brand is protected by its patented models, styles, and domain names, prohibiting any kind of modifications, except for the customization name printing facility provided by the brand.


From Working Man’s Knife to the Prestigious Emblems of French Culture

Primitively sold as Working Man’s knife to becoming one of the most prestigious Brands of France, “Opinel” has been marked as an ideal pocketknife with wooden handle. The knives feature many impressive designs including Slim knives, Beechwood handles, raw handles, colored and decorated handles. Being famous for nearly 130 years, Opinel knives still follow their original dedication, craftsmanship, and quality, standing the test of time.


The Astounding Opinel Number Series

In 1897, Joseph Opinel developed a series of 12 knives, numbered from 1 to 12. These knives were designed to be in increasing order of blade sizes, Number 1 being the shortest and Number 12 is the longest. Opinel Number 1 was discontinued in 1932 for being too small with just 2 cm long blade. Later Number 11 was discontinued in 1935, for its size conflict as being same as Number 10 or Number 12. This collection is suitable for people with different requirements and different hand sizes, became popular, with high demands from retailers.


An Insight into the Complete Range of Opinel Knives

Opinel knives range is a collection of knives designed for kitchen work, outdoor adventures, gardening, and other everyday purposes. Their varied knife designs, high-quality blades and their dedication to perfection is what they offer through all these years. The brand offers many types of knives and tools to assist the users in more than just one way, easing out their everyday chores with the sharp, tough blades.


Opinel Folding Pocket Knives: Opinel folding knives series is a collection of everyday carry pocket tools including fillet, pruning, corkscrew, folding saw and many other knives. Most of these pocket knives feature a safety ring that locks the blade and wooden handles.


Opinel Garden Knife Series: Designed to used indoors and outdoors for grafting, sawing, harvesting, picking, weeding, and pruning, these gardening knives are popularly used by beginners and professionals. Most of these knives are equipped with Oak and Beechwood handles for better grip.


Opinel Kitchen Knives & Cutlery: Opinel cutlery knives are optimized for paring, peeling, chopping, cutting, and slicing tasks. With softened lines, serrated, and non-serrated blades, these tools are perfect for kitchen spaces. Most of the Opinel kitchen knives are color coded for easy identification, especially when you are in a hurry.


Opinel Kitchen Paring Knife Series: Designed to deliver superior performance in busy kitchens, Paring Knives are extremely versatile. These kitchen knives are commonly used for peeling and chopping of fruits and vegetables, making them the most frequently used tools in any kitchen.


Opinel Knife Sharpeners: Opinel knife sharpeners is an assortment of tools specially designed to keep your knives in a ready-to-use condition. Choose from a range of Miniature Sharpeners and Stone Sharpeners for extreme sharpening. Constant and balanced quartz and carbonates provide excellent results.


Opinel Knives DIY Series: As the name suggests, this series contains multi-purpose knife tools to feed all your DIY needs. With rust-resistant blades, integrated wire stripper, wire cutter notches, and even Phillips screwdriver bits, these Opinel knives make your complex DIY jobs easier with safety ring feature that prevent accidental blade opening.


Opinel Knives Number Series: Opinel Number series includes rust-resistant stainless blades with sturdy, ergonomic handles. These numbers were meant to represent the sizes of knife blade offered by the brand.


-          Opinel knives Number 2 series includes Lockback folding knives with natural and dyed wooden handles. Designed to offer smooth grip, these pocket tools feature rust-resistance stainless blades.


-          Opinel knives Number 3 series is a collection of pocket knives specially designed for camping, hunting, trekking, and other outdoor adventures. These traditional, but robust knives can sustain tough and wet outdoor conditions.


-          Opinel knives Number 4 series comprises of folding knives with natural beechwood handles, varnished for durability. The stainless-steel blades of these knives provide a rust-resistant use in rugged environments.


-          Opinel knives Number 5 series features smartly designed pocket knives, to be your perfect companion for every outdoor requirement. From mountains to plains, and from lakes to waterfalls, these knives are a safe carrying tool for every traveler.


-          Opinel knives Number 6 series is an assortment of folding pocket knives with decorated handles. As the first choice of collectors, these knives mostly have varnished Beechwood, Bubinga wood or other natural wood handles with Marqueterie design.


-          Opinel knives Number 7 series pocket knives perfectly demonstrate the traditional Crowned Opinel Handles. This series has natural and dyed knife handles with a lanyard at the end for ease of carrying around, without worrying about losing it.


-          Opinel knives Number 8 series is a unique collection of sturdy knives with tough blades and durable handles. Featuring knives blades and handles of different shapes, sizes, and colors, this range offers the most versatile pocket knives of all times.

-          Opinel knives Number 9 series comprises of oyster and shellfish knives with rust-proof stainless blades. These knives feature a blade locking mechanism that prevents accidental blade opening when the knives are not being used.


-          Opinel knives Number 10 series is a highly sort-after collection with slim pocket knives having sharp clip blades. Most of these knives have varnished Ebony, Beechwood or Olive wood handles which offer a non-slip grip.


-          Opinel knives Number 12 series folding knives are designed while keeping user convenience in mind. These slim profile knives can be carried in a pocket easily and are equally effective for indoor and outdoor tasks.


-          Opinel knives Number 18 series is a collection of folding saw knives with a sharp serrated blade. These lockback saw blades are commonly used for various outdoor activities such as cutting ropes, branches, etc.


Opinel Knives Outdoor Junior Series: Outdoor Junior multi-functional knives are ideally designed for young adventurers. The whistle integrated into the polymer handle makes it a perfect companion for hiking, camping, and other nautical activities, helping you signal and locate your co-travelers easily.


Opinel Knives Outdoor Series: Great for all kinds of outdoor adventures, these Opinel outdoor knives are equipped with partially serrated blades for rope cutting during trekking, canyoning, mountaineering, and paragliding activities. The survival whistle is included to assist in rescue operations.


Opinel Knives Slim Series: Flexible and thin, Slim knives are designed with a traditional round to handle and rotating blade locking features. The slimmer, elegant profile with signature curved handle offers excellent grip. These folding knives are designed for everyday carry purpose.


Opinel Knives Trekking Series: The series is an assortment of knives, specially designed for safe and comfortable use during trekking adventures. These knives feature colored handles that reduce the chances of losing the tool and a lanyard to wear on the wrist to carry it with utmost ease.


Opinel Knives VRI Series: VRI knives are made to withstand water damage to serve you for a long time. These knives are equipped with a crowned hand hallmark etching on the blade and rust-resistant stainless-steel blades with the safety-locking ring.


Opinel Knives VRN Series: This range of folding pocket knives feature beechwood handles and extremely hard carbon steel blades to trim branches and to work on difficult materials. These knives require to be maintained and greased regularly to avoid blade corrosion.


Opinel Multi-Piece Assortments: This series offers assortment pieces, categorized knife boxes for a specific use such as table steak knives, kitchen knives, paring knives, folding pocket knives, and keyring display kit. These knife collections come packed in a sturdy case, making them a good gifting option.


Opinel Mushroom Knife Series: The knives of this series feature finest stainless blades with serrated back and brush made from genuine boar's hair. This perfect gardening tool allows you to pick mushrooms, morel, chanterelles, ceps, and trumpets. The brush at the end of the crowned handle offers quick dusting of the mushrooms.  


Opinel N Beechwood Carbon Steel Knife Series: The knives of this series are a blend of most premium beechwood and sturdy carbon steel. Widely used for a range of applications in garden, kitchen, and outdoors, these knives with mirror finish blades are an excellent example of the Opinel approach. The sturdy grip Beechwood handles are easy to hold for a longer duration.


Opinel Pruning Knife Series: Opinel Pruning knives are designed to be used as a multi-tool in home and outdoor. Ranging from cutting, and slicing to picking and pruning, these high-utility tools are a flawless combination of traditional methods and modern design.

Opinel Saws: Opinel pocket saws are perfect serrated knives for all kinds of outdoor activities including gardening, cutting ropes, branches, etc. These handy and efficient folding saws are equipped with a replaceable blade and safety ring for locking the blade.


High-Quality Products with Lifetime Warranty

Opinel Knives has a policy of return or replace if the product is found defective. They provide a lifetime replacement or repair warranty on all their original products in case of defects in workmanship or material. However, defects arising from improper use, dismantling, alteration, and general wear & tear can be only repaired with due charges. As per instructions, KK products should not be used as hammers, screwdrivers, pry bars and chisels. Also, Opinel provides blade sharpening facility to all the authentic buyers at reasonable charges.


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