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Fraraccio Knives

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Established in the mid-90s by a couple of brothers, Fraraccio, the brand specializes in tools for professional and homely DIY use. Their product catalogue consists of scissors, garden shears, pocket knives, kitchen knives, razors, nail equipment, letter opener and a lot more that entail fine craftsmanship and excellent quality. At Knife Country, we strive to get you the latest from this boutique knife-making and knife-detailing brand at the best prices.


What Makes Fraraccio Different?


What makes this brand’s knives different is the detail of personal touch—expect handmade and handcrafted aura in most of their offerings. From the owners to the craftsmen, everybody is like family at Fraraccio. For Fraraccio. The knives they create aren’t just tools for a professional or household setting, they are more than that. Fraraccio creates knives for people who are knife aficionados, and indeed their creations reflect their simple train of thought—the magic lies in fine tuning the smallest aspect about a knife’s aesthetics and functional detailing. Here are a few Fraraccio-made knife products that Knife Country offers to its customers:

  • Cheese Knife: Where many knife brands mostly offer to their customers survival-based weapons, Fraraccio takes a more peaceful approach by selling to you stylish professional cheese cutting, breaking, and shoveling knives in various models and designs.
  • Bubinga Knife: Bubinga is an African wood that is highly durable and perfect for making anti-slippery knife handles. Moreover, knives with Bubinga handles look beautiful in design.
  • Cleaver: A cleaver is a knife with a hefty, broad blade and is used by either butchers or by professional chefs in a professional setting. Fraraccio makes sure to provide to the customers the kind of cleavers that are functional and aesthetically fashionable.
  • Ergonomic Knives: These knives simply vary according to the working place of the consumer. Some examples of ergonomic knives are, vegetable cutting knife, paring knife, table knife, steak knife, boning knife, bread knife and fileting knife, all of which are offered by Fraraccio.


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