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A Major Contribution to the Night Vision Industry


JETBeam Electronic Technology Co. Ltdcame into limelight in 2004, under the guidance of industry experienced people. The company was established with a vision to cater to the ever-evolving demands of the adventure enthusiasts and to provide the professionals with a completely reliable night vision product. The flashlights and headlamps provided by JETBeam are designed with a focus on bringing forth high-performance flashlights that are suitable to be used in multiple fields, including outdoor activities, law enforcement, military use, marine, industrial lighting, aviation, and many more. The company has grown magnificently well and has successfully covered most areas like the U.S.A, Canada, Europe, and Japan, with its broad network. JETBeam is one of the most trustworthy names and flashlight technology developers in the industry. 


NITEYE: Another Brand that Contributed Equally


The need to promote product innovation, JETBeam established the high-end outdoor lighting brand NITEYE in 2011 with a vision to cater to the ever-evolving demands of the professionals across the world. NITEYE focused on producing headlamps, bicycle lights, searchlights and high-performance flashlights with near-perfect design as JETBeam, using high-quality technology, exquisite workmanship as well. The two brands - JETBeam and NITEYE are involved in the R & D, manufacturing, sales and marketing of the products and apart from this, OEM and ODM as well.


JETBeam's History

  • 2004 -JETBEAM made the world's leading CPU dimming circuit that was perfectly applied to flashlight products
  • 2008 - the first application of JETBeam's magnetic sensor system made a deep impact on the global hand lighting tools. The products were lighter, more durable, and brighter
  • Beginning of 2009 - JETBeam developed the first RRT-flashlight in China with a new unique design, wide voltage circuit, good detail handling, reliable and durable. JETBeam is the best choice for law enforcement, outdoor search, self-defense, hunting, and rescue
  • Beginning of 2010 - JETBeam used of the magnetic sensor principle. The brightness is up to 1200 lumens of RRT-3.


Easy To Carry, Sturdy and Durable Flashlights and Headlamps By JETBeam


The flawless range of flashlights is a result of extensive research over the years by the professionals and industrial experts. The company members make constant improvement and modification to bring forth a qualitative range of flashlights. The massive inventory includes the flashlights with an aluminum construction that are sturdy enough to survive the extreme conditions. These are the water and impact resistant flashlights with SOS strobe. Many of the flashlights are available in 6 modes including High, Mid, Low, Ultra Low, Strobe, and SOS, with different lumen levels. The battery backup is commendable and is ideal for long duration tasks. These flashlights are perfect for extremely hazardous conditions and pitch-dark situations, where it becomes difficult to focus on the target. The flashlights have anti-roll design while the lenses withstand high compression. These flashlights and headlamps eliminate the lighting issues and make it a perfect companion on an adventure or while on the battlefield.


Products by JETBeam


JET-IM Rechargeable Black Flashlights

These are the rechargeable flashlights with aluminum construction and are suitable for most demanding situations where low light can cause problems. The impact and water resistant flashlights are provided with three modes of lumens including the High-14500 (650 lumens, 0 1/2h), High-AA (190 lumens, 1 1/8h), Mid (46 lumens, 9h), Low (4 lumens, 100h). The provision of micro USB cords is another defining feature. The flashlights are suitable for pitch dark environment where focusing a target is important to carry out any activity or task.


JETBeam RRT-2 Pro Flashlight

These are the aluminum-constructed RRT-2 Pro flashlights, manufactured for the tactical situations and, are ideal to be used by the adventure enthusiasts, globetrotters and military personnel. These are the water resistant and impact resistant flashlights with 5 modes of lumens that includes Turbo-CR123 (1000 lumens, 1h), Turbo-18650 (750 lumens, 2 3/8h), High (450 lumens, 3 5/8h), Mid (250 lumens, 7.2h), Low (45 lumens, 60h), Ultra Low (0 1/2 lumens, 1000h). The flashlights perform extremely well in pitch dark environment, or even in low light conditions to make sure that the activity is carried out in complete light by focusing the target.


TH15 Tactical Flashlight

As the name suggests, these are the flashlights that are specifically for the tactical and combat situations. The flashlight LED with 2600 mAh micro USB rechargeable battery have maximum beam distance of 13,000 m. The provision of O-ring, lanyard, rubber cap, holster, clip and tactical ring are few of the defining features of these flashlights.


JETBeam Warranty


JETBeamoffers exceptional-quality and high-performance flashlights and other night vision products that are quality tested and designed by the experienced professionals of the industry.


JETBeam provides reliable and speedy service to all lights under our warranty. Customers should contact their product dealers or distributors from whom they bought the product. In case, if the products are found to defect then, complete inspection will be done to find out the reason behind the defect. The company will not provide a warranty against the defected products that are excessively dropped, modified or reconstructed in any form. Even if the products are damaged by the salt water, improperly used, stored or maintained, also there would be no warranty against them. There are many products with an only limited lifetime warranty.


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