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Tekna is a best-selling sports division of renowned and globally recognized brand, Tektite. Tektite was founded in 1990 in the United States and started manufacturing Tekna products in 2004. Tekna flashlights are manufactured from Tektite’s patented LED technology applications which are globally recognized. Tekna offers the largest LED flashlight product catalogue that is exported to different countries around the globe including New Jersey, Trenton and the United States.


Tekna offers flashlights for different industries and customers including military market, scuba divers, public safety and commercial industries. Other than manufacturing the finest-quality LED flashlight, the company is diligently working to manufacture premium-quality tactical knives. Tekna uses high-grade material in crafting the products to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction.


Uses Patented Technology to Manufacture Flashlights

Tekna produces an extensive range of LED flashlights that includes signaling lights, strobes, LED replacement bulbs, HID lights and dive lights. Most of these practically and innovatively designed flashlights are highly resistant to water and easily withstand everyday handling abuse. With the advent of modern technology, Tekna has successfully designed flashlights that provides up to 600 lumens of light, depending upon the model. The rugged design and quality construction are highly appreciated by users from every nook and corner of the world. Each product cycle is monitored and tested to ensure quality, functionality and high-performance.


Offers Durable and Environment-Friendly Products

The company follows green principles to manufacture the products. Tekna responsibly works for the environment by producing eco-friendly flashlights and by eliminating low-carbon footprints during manufacturing. Tekna uses special equipment to conserve and recycle water and electricity. The company also uses state-of-the-art technology to reduce the industrial, liquid and coolant water waste. All Tekna products are recyclable, and the company uses 20% of pre-consumed industrial plastic scrap to manufacture the flashlights. Sturdy and eco-friendly material is used to manufacture and design the products; most of these LED flashlights feature anodized aluminum or ABS body with LEXAN construction. Tekna also produce easy to fit in pocket, camp kit or backpack lights like Knifelite LED Keyring Light with stainless steel Penknife, which works great in life-threatening situations. The flashlights are powered by Lithium ion batteries, some of which are replaceable and rechargeable.


Get Your Hands-on Premium Quality Products

Tekna products are designed to offer high-performance and great functionality. The diverse and extensive product catalog offers a variety of products including knives, LEDs and flashlights. The multipurpose products are largely appreciated by outdoorsy men, professionals, travelers, backpackers and adventure enthusiasts.


Tekna Flashlights:The series offers rugged, practically and ergonomically designed flashlights. Most of these flashlights are resistant to water and easily withstand everyday handling. Some of these high-power LED lights have anodized aluminum/ ABS and LEXAN construction. These lightweight lights are manufactured in the United States and known in the marketplace for their assured quality and reliability. Depending upon the model of the Tekna Flashlight, these lights illuminate up to 600 lumens.


Warranty Information

Tekna provides a limited lifetime warranty against any defects in the material and manufacturing of the product. The company takes the responsibility to repair any defected product or to replace it with the new item. Tekna cannot repair some of the products due to limited availability or unavailability of the parts and other related items of the defected product. In such situations, the company will replace the product with the closest matched product or alternative. As per the company’s rules, if the item is misused or mishandled by the user it will not be replaced or repaired. The LED flashlights and knives should not be used as or with hammers, pry bars, screwdrivers or chisels.


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