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Tekna Knives

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Tekna KNives is a well-known brand which is known for providing ocean edge knives. Tekna knives have always been a favorite among divers because of their versatile designs and solid, one-piece construction. The niche not only includes knives but also hi-power LEDs, security cards knives, knife screwdrivers and more.


What to Expect from Tekna Knives

Tekna products are ergonomically designed and known for their high performance. Most of the Tekna knives are carefully manufactured in the USA by country's most-experienced blade makers. These are made from superior quality materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, and titanium for a long-lasting use. Tekna products like Tekna knives are stain and corrosion resistant while most of the Tekna LEDs are water resistant and the brand’s knife screwdrivers feature blunt tip blade that doubles as a screwdriver for multipurpose applications. If you are a trekker or camper, you can definitely rely on our products. Our knives and LEDs are also useful if you are stuck in any dangerous situations. Tekna provides four blade styles to meet your needs. These are an asymmetrical or dagger-type blade, black Teflon-coated symmetrical blade, blunt hook tip knife with line cutter and blunt hook tip knife with line cutter, black Teflon-coated blades. All blade styles feature a skeleton handle and are solid-billet 420 stainless steel.



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Knife Country is a US-based company, which exclusively deals in outdoor accessories like fishing knives, hunting knives, security equipment and Arrowheads. We have a wide collection of products which are meant for trekkers, hunters, bikers, campers, and mountaineers. You can find a variety of products ranging from boot knives to chef knives and magnifiers to Shears & Scissors at competitive prices. Our clients trust us for the durability of our products. You can trust Knife Country for durable, high-performance and unique knives.

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