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Ruike Outdoor Tools Manufacturing Co. Ltd. or Ruike Knives is a Canadian knife manufacturing company established in 1998. The company was founded by Mr. Leung, a famous bladesmith/ knife designer known for his devotion towards blades and knife production. Ruike Knives is known in the marketplace for delivering all kinds of knives such as folding knives, fixed blade knives, multi-purpose knives, and multi-functional knives.


The company produces the supreme quality products engineered from the finest quality material. The brand caters to adventure aficionados, survivalists, trekkers, hikers, campers and knife collectors. Ruike accessories and tools are perfect for emergency situations, commercial use and assist the user in daily household chores or low-profile tasks.


Specializes in Manufacturing Variety Knives at Incomparable Prices

According to online forum ToolGuyD, Ruike Knives is the king of manufacturing budget knives– the reason why this company is highly appreciated and recommended by knife collectors and weapon experts. The high-grade knives are a result of a dedicated and experienced team of craftsmen who work with the latest technologies and reliable age-old knife manufacturing techniques to produce these quality assured products.


Sturdy Construction Using High-Grade Material

Ruike Knives provides affordable, reliable, highly durable and functional knives to outdoor workers and knife enthusiasts. The company uses quality materials to produce high-grade tools and accessories. The Ruike outdoor knives are available in different designs and are made of high-grade Tungsten/ Sandvik 12C27 stainless steel that assures long-preforming life of the products. The sturdy handle construction offers a blend of fiberglass and resins that prevents the tools from abrasion and hence their capacity to withstand everyday handling abuse.


A Virtual Tour into the Wide Product Range of Ruike

Ruike Knives is a sister brand of famous flashlight manufacturing brand, Fenix lights. Like Fenix lights, Ruike Knives has a respectable market standing as they offer high-quality knives and other tools that touch the customers directly. Following are the best-selling product series by Ruike Knives:


RUIKE Fixed Blade Knives: The drop-point, fixed blade knives are manufactured in China. Fixed Blade knives are stronger and durable than other conventional blades. The Ruike fixed blade knives feature high-grade 14C28N stainless steel along with two handle pieces pinned on each side of the sharp end. Most of these knives have G-10 handles that provide an easy and comfortable grip to the user. These knives are perfect for cutting, digging, chopping and bush crafting jobs.


RUIKE Framelock Pocket Knives: Framelock knife opening/closing mechanism offers a single-hand operation to the users. These knives are invented by custom knife designer Chris Reeve for Ruike Knives. The standard edge knives feature 14C28N stainless steel or black oxide coated 14C28N Sandvik blade with drop-point end. The knives are available with thumb ridge and pocket clips for maximum safety and stability.


RUIKE Linerlock Pocket Knives: Theliner lock knife opening/closing mechanism is a common and most reliable locking mechanism found in most folding knives. The knives feature spring lock on the side of the handlebar that allows for quick opening without the need to reposition the hands. Ruike Linerlock Pocket knives have high-grade, satin finish blades made from stainless steel and G-10 handlebars with lanyard hole, pocket clip, and thumb ridge.


RUIKE Beta Plus Folding Knife Series: The series offers durable and highly functional knives with long edge retention stainless blades. The satin finish, standard edge knives features sharp drop-point blades perfect for slicing, piercing and cutting jobs. The Beta Plus locking mechanism prevents the knives from accidental blade closure and opening. The pocket clip on the sturdy handles allows for easier and quicker access.


RUIKE Fang Knife Series: This series covers a wide assortment of high-grade knives manufactured in China. The knives offer great ergonomic feels and work well with the liner lock mechanism. The drop point blades are manufactured from highly durable material like 14C28N stainless steel using high compression and distortion techniques. Most of the knives feature laminated, fiberglass constructed G-10 handles with attractive colors like Blue-Black and Pale Blue.


RUIKE Hornet Knife Series: These knives are attractive and offer great ergonomic designs. The hard-handled knives are manufactured from advanced technology, handcraft attributes, and age-old knife manufacturing techniques. These distinctive looking knives are fabricated with stonewashed 14C28N stainless steel along with G-10 handles. The two-piece handles are available in different colors like orange and compressed together at the blunt end. Most of these handles are available with ABS sheath for easy and safe storage and transportation.


RUIKE Hussar Knife Series: These multi-functional knives are fabricated to withstand tough/extreme weather conditions and everyday handling abuse. The folding knives are available with the liner lock mechanism and assure ease to access. The satin finish knives are great for commercial, self-defense, and everyday household use.


RUIKE Jager Knife Series: This series offers the classic and internationally best-selling Ruike Knives made in China. These knives are versatile, long performing, abrasion resistant and made from high-grade 14C28N stainless steel. The Jager Knives have a stonewashed finish which adds to the rustic yet classic look. Most of these knives are available with ABS sheath, lanyard hole, and belt clip attachment for easy and safe storage and transportation.


RUIKE Large Multifunction LD Knife Series:The multi-functional knives feature high-quality, mirror finished 12C27 Sandvik stainless steel blades. These multi-utility knives are perfect to be used as a bottle opener, large screwdriver, wire stripper, scissors, wire cutter, reamer with sewing eye, small screwdriver, wire crimper and glass breaker, and tweezers.


RUIKE M11 Medium Folding Knife Series:The knife collection features long-edge retention blades manufactured from high compression and distortion techniques. The highly durable knives are made from stainless steel that prevents the knives from abrasion. Most knives feature textured handles that maintain and offer a comfortable and tight grip throughout the use.


RUIKE S11 Compact Folding Knife Series: The series delivers compact and sleek design folding knives with liner lock mechanism. The knives feature a satin finish 12C27 stainless steel blades with long-edge retention. The G-10 handle provides a comfortable, slip-proof and excellent grip to the users in demanding/risky situations.


RUIKE Small Multifunction Folding Knife Series: The multi-utility knives feature different blades/attachments such as a small screwdriver, belt/cord cutter, key ring, scissors and bottle openers. The multi-purpose knives are manufactured from handpicked and tough material i.e. Sandvik 12C27 stainless steel that offers prevention against abrasion, corrosion and handling abuse. The tough, razor-sharp knives feature G-10 handle construction that offers an easy, safe and comfortable grip to the users.


Warranty Information 

Ruike Knives provide a warranty against any defects in the material, craftsmanship, and manufacturing of the product. The company takes accountability to repair any defective product or to replace it with the new item. The hand-tools, accessories, and knives should not be used as or with hammers, pry bars, screwdrivers or chisels. As per the company’s policies, if the item is misused or mishandled by the user, it will not be replaced or repaired. Ruike Knives cannot repair some of the products due to limited availability of the parts and other related items of the product. In such situations, the company will replace the product with the closest matched item.


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