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Taoforge is sword connoisseurs since 2002 when it had just one katana. The owner of Taoforge used to practice the martial arts of Kashima Shinryu with that katana. However, this company was founded in late 2015. The brand sells thousands of swords. Taoforge believes in exceptional blades! All products of Taoforge includes premium quality blades. The brand provides rich knowledge about the swords to the market.


Why Trust Taoforge?

Taoforge offers a wide collection of premium swords to the market. They are engineered from heavy-duty materials such as stainless steel and aluminum, which ensures the perfect durability. Taoforge is also known for its exceptional blades, which are polished sharply. Most of these blades are tested and confirmed in a laboratory in Germany. Taoforge provides swords only for cutting purposes. Each and every sword of Taoforge is uniquely designed and durable. Some of the popular swords offered by Taoforge are Ronin, Miyamoto Musashi Katana BoHi and Dragonfly Katana (Unokubi Zukuri). The swords of the Ronin class are equipped with blades of 1060 carbon steel with a stiffness of 55 HRC throughout. Miyamoto Musashi Katana BoHi is also a part of the Ronin class and is forged from 1060 steel.  The handle and blade of the sword are bound by two Mekugi for a perfect fit on the tang. Taoforge also offers exquisitely designed sword stand, which makes the perfect match for every sword.


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