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Claude Dozorme

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Manifesting a perfect balance between classic and contemporary, Claude Dozorme brings you an exhaustive inventory of knives and cutlery. Claude Dozorme is renowned for featuring an exceptional cutting edge, simple sharpening and impeccable hardness of the blades in its products. From using stainless to Damascus, the steel used for manufacturing Claude Dozorme products is subjected to a strict selection process, ensuring brand’s quality. Fully computerized designing of the products makes them unique and stand-out performers. The designers at Claude Dozorme use CAD for designing the blades, ensuring greater manufacturing precision. Finally, the materials used in finishing and decoration of these products tempt many collectors, hikers, nature lovers, gourmets or aesthetes.  


Expect Innovative and Ground-Breaking Designs

By employing the latest laser cutting machinery, blade designing and grinding technology, Claude Dozorme presents an assortment of precision-made knives. These knives can be kept in your pockets, your kitchen, and cellar, on your table or wherever you want. The brand offers you a tempting range knives with a mythical French shapes, promoting the regional cutlery designs. Some of these include Thiers, Laguiole, Cpucin, etc. From manufacturing the very first non-folding version of Laguiole table knife to successfully designing cutting-edge designs, Claude Dozorme has come a long way, without compromising on the quality standards. From an haute cuisine knife to a simple flat knife, Claude Dozorme has demonstrated the breadth of its creative finesse and expertise.


Exceptional Selection of Handles and Mechanisms

Apart from featuring modern structure, Claude Dozorme knives feature ergonomically designed handles and innovative mechanisms to provide ease of operation. The opening and closing mechanisms of Claude Dozorme pocket knives ensure simple, safe handling. The Claude Dozorme knives are dressed with handles made with exclusive materials like light or dark horn tip, vallernia wood from Brazil, deer antlers, ram’s horn, olive wood from France and some of the knives feature handles decorated with genuine Swarovski crystals or Bayadere stripes.  The high-tech locking mechanism, ball bearings and the non-locking system of these knives give them an unrivalled precision. Lastly, talking about the various sizes – Claude Dozorme has a knife designed to cater the needs of everyone. The brand presents a range of ultimate made-to-order knives.

Claude Dozorme Guarantees to Provide Unparalleled Quality

All the products are warranted to be free of defects in designing, materials and workmanship for lifetime. In any case of defects, Claude Dozorme assures to repair or replace the defective product with a new item. Only a few products in the inventory cannot be replaced due to the limited availability of original parts. In such cases, the company assures its customers to repair and furnish the product. Generally, the company does not warrant its products against normal wear or misuse. It is for the customers to note the fact that Claude Dozorme products are not meant to be used as hammers, chisels, pry bars or screw drivers. If any knife has been damaged because of its misuse detected by the repair department, then the customer will be charged a reasonable fee for its repair.


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