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Precision and Power: Discover Sniper Bladeworks Knives at Knife Country USA


Embrace the cutting-edge craftsmanship of Sniper Bladeworks, where precision engineering and rugged functionality collide to create knives that are not just tools, but extensions of the hand. Knife Country USA is proud to offer a comprehensive selection of Sniper Bladeworks knives, each designed to enhance your tactical, outdoor, or everyday carry experiences.


The Sniper Bladeworks Advantage Sniper Bladeworks, renowned for its ergonomic designs and robust build, stands at the forefront of knife innovation. With a diverse lineup from the sleek Dashi 2020 Reload Edition to the formidable Mamu 2020 Reload Edition, each knife is a testament to Sniper Bladeworks' commitment to excellence.


Dashi 2020 Reload Edition: A Compact Powerhouse The Sniper Bladeworks Dashi (SBDASHI) is your ultimate companion for precision tasks. This compact fixed blade, with its one-piece construction and Kydex sheath, is designed for ease of carry and quick deployment, making it a favorite among enthusiasts.


DMF 2020: The Dynamic Folding Duo The DMF 2020 Reload Edition (SBDMFS30V) and its Damascus counterpart (SBDMFDAM) are folding knives that redefine versatility. Featuring robust G10 handles and superior blade materials, these are the folding knives that refuse to compromise on strength or style.


LPC 2020 Reload Edition: Lightweight Precision The LPC 2020 Reload Edition (SBLPC) is a pinnacle of Sniper Bladeworks' ingenuity. With a sleek S30V stainless blade and a titanium back handle, it offers a balance between weight and durability, perfect for the discerning user.


Collector's Set: The Ultimate Sniper Ensemble For the aficionado, the Sniper Bladeworks Collector's Set (SBSET) offers a curated collection of Sniper Bladeworks' finest, with matching serial numbers and Lance's signature. This set is not just a purchase; it's an investment in a legacy.


Smatchet 2020 Reload Edition: The Field Warrior The Smatchet 2020 Reload Edition (SBSMACHET) stands as a true field warrior. With a broad blade and full-tang construction, this knife is built for those who demand performance under the most strenuous conditions.


Knife Country USA: Your Sniper Bladeworks Destination At Knife Country USA, we are dedicated to bringing you the finest blades from Sniper Bladeworks. Each product page on our Sniper Bladeworks brand page offers detailed descriptions and high-resolution images, ensuring you can select the perfect knife with confidence.

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