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S.I. Howard Glass Signal Mirrors

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S.I. Howard Glass has a rich history of serving its customers with high-quality glass products. This company owns a huge inventory that includes low iron float glasses, front surface mirrors, robax glasses, gorilla glasses and miscellaneous glasses. S.I. Howard Glass Company provides flat glass products and specializes in custom glass fabrication services. S.I. Howard Glass is both ISO and ITAR certified. The fabrication specialties of the products include grinding and polishing, machine edging, prototyping, precision dicing, CNC machining, high vacuum coatings, drilling, laminating, heat strengthening, sandblasting and frosting.


What Makes S.I. Howard Glass Different?

This brand’s clientele is diverse, ranging from, optics to biomedical, and electronics to aerospace. S.I. Howard Glass is highly functional in the glass industry. This company has years of experience in terms of making the superior quality of glass products for the instrument makers of the world.  S.I. Howard Glass product catalog comprises, Schott filter glass, Borofloat glass, soda lime glass, robax glass, eagle EG glass, low iron float glass, A/R coated glass and more. The high-quality materials ensure that they can be used for a long period of time. Today, the company’s base of almost 400 customers ranges from electronics to aerospace, optics to biomedical, and prototyping for research and development.   


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