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Coke Bottle Pocket Knives

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A coke bottle knife is a perfect blend of style and functionality. Having an impressive German steel construction, this coke bottle knife is apt to boast one's fondness for knives. Simply, a coke bottle pocket knife is a swell-center jack knife, which has a closed length of mostly 3 inches. Being one of the best online retailers for coke bottle knives, our team, ensures custoers make the best purchase decision in this regard.


How a coke bottle knife is made?

In most of the cases, coke bottle knives have a clip master blade and a small pen blade. The durable bone handles complete the overall construction. There can be variations in the bone color such as green, regular red and rough black.


Options Available

Sometimes, one of the master blades could be a razor. In such cases, there is an observant long pull on the clip of master blade.  During the 1970s, Delrin was replaced with the bone handles in the making of Coke Bottle Pocket Knives.


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Knife Country USA is an established online retail store, specializing in the market of knives and outdoor & survival accessories. To ensure our customers get only the best deals, we procure our increasing range of Coke Bottle Knives from leading brands like Rough Rider, Hen & Rooster, and Gerber.

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