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A Lockback Pocket Knife is one of the most popular types of pocket knives. They operate using a spine lock mechanism. Going by the design, the lock is at the bottom of the spine instead of in the frame such as a Linerlock knife.  The basic construction of a Lockback Knife is inclusive of a hook or lug on the backspring that snaps into the blade's heel on opening/closing the knife. If you are looking for the best deals on a wide range of Lockback Pocket Knives, choose for its authentic products, transparent pricing, and shipping policies. Shop for top knife brands, like Puma, Case, Buck, etc. Also, explore our vast range of survival and outdoors kits/gears.


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Spyderco Knives 91PYL Pacific Salt

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Spyderco - Pacific Salt. Model SC91PYL. 4 7/8" closed lockback. Standard edge H1 steel blade with thumb hole pull. Yellow checkered fiberglass reinforced nylon handles with reversible black coated stainless pocket clip. H1 steel blade and lock steel uses 1% nitrogen in place of carbon, producing a completely rust free knife. Doesn't rust even if put away wet.

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