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Vigil knives of Bestech belong to the "EDC Plus" category, which means they are up to any task, big or small, pedestrian or culinary. They are a name that most EDC fans would recognize right away, and many will also be aware of the benefits of M390 stainless blades used in these knives. The powder metallurgy blades are used here and on most premium Bestech models. On the Vigil, there is only one opening option: a flipper mounted on a ball-bearing pivot. The handles in these knives are made of titanium, which as a result makes them extremely light and hence gives them an ergonomic feel. The knives are stored in black nylon storage cases, which are highly water and even moisture resistant. These cases keep these knives safe, and hence extend their useful life. The extended tang construction is given in these knives for extra precision in slicing and cutting. Additionally, the pocket clip at the end of each handle makes them easy and safe to carry in pockets.

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