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Embrace Cutting-Edge Performance with 5.11 Tactical CFK Knives | Knife Country USA


Welcome to the world of high-performance 5.11 Tactical CFK Knives at Knife Country USA, a collection that embraces functionality, reliability, and toughness. Our curated selection of 5.11 Tactical CFK (Combat Fixed Knife) range stands as the embodiment of exceptional craftsmanship and steadfast durability. Engineered for professionals who seek top-tier performance from their gear, these knives are a preferred choice for survivalists, outdoor enthusiasts, military personnel, and everyday carry practitioners.


The 5.11 Tactical CFK Knives encapsulate more than just the essence of a cutting tool – they represent the spirit of quality, durability, and performance. Each knife is a product of painstaking design and stringent quality checks, ensuring they not only withstand the most severe conditions but thrive in them.


Take a moment to explore the exceptional range we have for you:


  • 5.11 Tactical 51152 - CKF 3.5 Fixed Blade: This tactical masterpiece boasts an overall length of 8.75", featuring a 4" blade with a black electroplated finish for outstanding corrosion resistance. The tan FRN handle provides superior grip, while the SCM435 steel blade assures unparalleled sharpness and durability. With a full, extended tang, the knife is robust and balanced. The removable scales allow for a paracord wrap, enhancing its versatility, and a tan FRN belt sheath facilitates easy carry.


  • 5.11 Tactical 51173 - CFK 7 Peacemaker: Sporting a length of 13", the CFK 7 Peacemaker features a 7" black EDP coated drop point blade. The Kangaroo FRN handle ensures excellent grip and control, while the SCM 435 blade promises superior sharpness and resilience. This knife also features a full, extended tang and a lanyard hole for versatility. The knife comes with a reversible molded nylon MOLLE-compatible belt sheath for convenience and quick access.



The 5.11 Tactical CFK Knives are your reliable partners in the wild, providing unmatched cutting power, superior durability, and exceptional convenience. Whether for hunting, camping, survival, or everyday tasks, these knives deliver unparalleled performance every time.


In the demanding world of tactical professions and outdoor adventures, your gear must rise to the occasion. With a 5.11 Tactical CFK Knife at your side, you carry a tool designed to excel. So, delve into our collection and elevate your tactical gear. Immerse yourself in the world of superior performance today!

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