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Knife Country USA Presents: The Ultimate in Knife Maintenance - Camillus Knife Sharpeners


At Knife Country USA, we believe in offering our customers the best, and the name Camillus has long been synonymous with top-quality knives. But to keep your knives performing at their peak, you need world-class sharpeners. Enter the Camillus Knife Sharpeners - a diverse range that ensures your knives are always sharp, reliable, and ready for action.


  • Camillus 23020 - Cuda Bucket Keyring Two Sharpeners-42 with Plastic Display Bucket: An essential tool for every knife enthusiast, this keyring sharpener is both portable and efficient. Made in China, it’s a two-in-one wonder, with carbide for heavy-duty sharpening and ceramic for that perfect fine-tuned edge.


  • Cuda Knife Shear and Hook with Blue Composition Housing: This versatile sharpener isn't just about maintaining your knife's edge. With multiple angle sharpeners, a carbide sharpener, and even a ceramic hook sharpener, it's an all-in-one tool that even includes a screwdriver and four Torx bits!


  • Cuda Line Clipper: When you need precision in line clipping, this stainless construction tool with titanium-bonded blades is your best bet. Plus, it comes with a diamond grit hook sharpener to ensure you’re always prepared.


  • Cuda SS Ice Pick: Not just a tool, but a statement. This 11-inch ice pick is perfect for those challenging ice-breaking moments, ensuring you always have the upper hand.


  • Multi-Functioning Glide Sharpener with Black Composition Housing: Say goodbye to dull blades. This multi-functioning sharpener has it all - from hook, shear, knife, ceramic, carbide to multi-angled sharpeners. A must-have for every knife lover!


  • Cuda 6pc Knife/Sharpener Set: For those who want it all, this 6-piece set is a dream come true. With titanium-bonded blades and the iconic Cuda scale pattern grips, this set is both stylish and functional.


At Knife Country USA, we don't just sell knives; we sell experiences. With Camillus Knife Sharpeners, you're not only investing in a product but in a legacy of quality and craftsmanship. Your knives deserve the best, and with Camillus, that's precisely what they'll get.

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