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Rough Rider Hunter Knives by Rough Rider Knives

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Rough Rider Knives is dedicated to manufacturing the best knives catering to knife collectors, hobbyists, hunters, adventure enthusiast, and professionals. Ever since the beginning the company has been forging high-quality cutlery engineered by hard-working, and trained craftsmen. The knives, accessories, and tools are highly inspired by military equipment used during wars and battles. The products from Rough Rider cater to the needs of collectors, hunters, military men, and chefs.


Hunter Knives Series by Rough Rider includes an assortment of fixed blade and folding pocket knives. All the knives in this series are made from high-quality stainless steel to ensure strength for rugged and heavy-duty tasks. Most fixed blade knives feature full tang construction, ensuring better performance. This series comprises of knives with different styles of blades – pruning, gut hook, drop-point, clip-point, and standard edge blades for fulfilling different purposes. Nickel silver guard ensures the security of hands while holding the knife. The satin and stainless finish of these blades make them resistant to wear and tear. The unique design of these knives features a pommel that increases their aesthetic value. Different handle materials like pakkawood, amber jigged bone, hardwood, dark-moon glow, smooth bone, and stag bone make these knives look more attractive. The anti-slip grip handles ensure tight grip, eliminating the chances of accidental injuries. Many knives are accompanied with a nylon belt sheath that makes it easier to carry these knives for everyday excursions.


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