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Utilizing years of experience and the skill of expert craftsmen, Chicago Cutlery launched its Paring Knife Series. These are small, short-bladed knives used for intricate cutting, dicing, peeling, and mincing activity. These knives work efficiently on all kinds of fruits and vegetables. The Chicago Cutlery paring knives feature high carbon stainless steel blades that retain their edge for a long time and do not bend, break or chip easily. The handle of these paring knives is made from a solid walnut finish that gives it a classic touch. Featuring three brass rivets and a full metal tang, these knives give stability and control for safe handling. Paring knives by Chicago Cutlery boast of an exclusive 25-degree taper grind edge for maximum sharpness. The top-selling knife in the series is Chicago 102S 3 Inch Paring/Boning Kitchen Knife with Solid Walnut Handle. These knives are suitable for use by both domestic and commercial kitchen cooks.

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