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Maxpedition Jumbo Versipacks by Maxpedition Gear

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Maxpedition Gear - Jumbo Versipacks: Versatile & Robust Carrying Solution | Knife Country USA


Discover the ultimate in functionality and convenience with the Maxpedition Jumbo Versipacks at Knife Country USA. These Versipacks, available in various colors such as Foliage Green, Black, OD Green, Khaki, and Wolf Gray, offer a versatile carrying solution for your everyday essentials.


Maxpedition Jumbo Versipacks feature a main compartment, three zippered accessory pockets, two sleeve pockets, and one drawstring pocket. This design provides ample space for a 32oz/1L Nalgene water bottle or a radio. The external keyper on the shoulder strap and the internal silent keyper provide an organized solution for your keys and gloves.


These Versipacks offer three areas for modular expansion with other Maxpedition accessories using TacTies, making them highly customizable to your specific needs. The durable construction of these packs includes high-strength nylon webbing, lon thread which is stronger than the industry-standard nylon thread, high-strength zippers, and UTX-Duraflex nylon buckles for low sound closures.


Experience comfort with their integral non-slip shoulder pad and convenience with the right-side carry design. Trust the Jumbo Versipacks by Maxpedition for a reliable and durable carrying solution.

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