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Winkler Knives II


Winkler Knives is known for designing high-performance knives and cutting tools geared towards hunters, travelers, campers, fishermen, and outdoor enthusiasts. The brand was founded by knife maker Daniel Winkler, who turned into a full-time professional bladesmith in 1998. In the year 1993, Daniel qualified as a Masters Bladesmith from the American Bladesmith Society and followed his passion to create knives and edged tools. Winkler Knives is recognized for its minimalistic design and distinctive attributes that make them better in terms of performance as well as aesthetics. The company closely works with the Special Forces and veterans to design quality knives that are capable of can withstanding everyday handling and work well in extreme all-weather conditions.


Winkler Knives has been producing custom knives and axes for many elite combat groups since the year 2004. In the beginning, the company was involved in creating knives and tools by hand, using traditional techniques. With the gradual increase in demand from the Special Operation Forces, the company developed technology that increased demand without any compromise on the quality or performance. Winkler Knives are suitable for heavy-duty outdoor use, rescue operations as well as tactical situations.


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Winkler Knives II offers a vast selection of fixed blade knives, hunting knives, and other tactical tools. The most recommended knives and breaching tools by Winkler Knives II include – Winkler Field Knife, Winkler Operator Knife, Winkler Spike Knives, Winkler Neck Bottle Opener, and Winkler Standard Duty Knife. Some of the major highlights of the Winkler Knives are skeletonized or tapered handles, multi-option carry system, and no-glare Caswell finish. Each edge tool or knife is made with special steel and other durable materials that ensure maximum performance for its intended use. Winkle Knives are commonly available in maple wood, walnut, and micarta handle construction. Winkler creates hard-handled knives, thoughtfully designed for general outdoor chores and breaching operations.


Exploring Winkler Knives II Product Series

Winkler Belt Series Knives: Comprises of clip point knives featuring 80CrV2 carbon steel blades with a standard edge. A majority of these full-tang knives have a Caswell no-glare finish that resists normal wear, offering superior edge retention. Based on the model, Winkler Belt knives incorporate sculpted maple handles, rubber handles, and micarta handles. These EDC knives come with an ambidextrous Kydex lined leather belt sheath, which is suitable for vertical as well as horizontal carry.



Winkler Crusher Knife Series: The series covers an array of full-tang knives featuring oxide coated 80CrV2 carbon steel blade that boasts outstanding rigidity, ensuring dependable performance. Based on the model, the Winkler Crusher knives are available in maple handle, walnut handle, and micarta handle construction.


Winkler Field Hunter Series Knives: A preferred choice among hunters, fishermen, and outdoor enthusiasts, the Winkler Field Hunter knives are reputed for their exceptional strength and durability. Equipped with clip point blades, these knives are suitable for dressing games as well as general cutting tasks. Most of these fixed blade knives have Caswell no-glare finish carbon steel blades and are available in maple wood and micarta handles. These hunter knives come with a leather belt sheath that allows for horizontal or vertical carry as well as MOLLE belt carry.


Winkler Hunting Fixed Blade Series Knives: The series caters to hunters, survival enthusiasts, and outdoorsy people. It includes full tang knives featuring oxide-coated 80CrV2 carbon steel blades which are capable of withstanding rigorous use. Based on the model, these knives come equipped with camo sculpted G10 handles that provide a performance grip, offering a cutting edge to the user in the most demanding situations. Winkler hunting fixed blade knives come with a durable belt sheath with Kydex lining that allows for fuss-free carry.


Winkler Neck Bottle Opener Series Knives: Consist of a selection of clip-point knives featuring integrated bottle openers. A majority of these fixed blade knives feature a ball chain lanyard that enhances functionality. Winkler Neck Bottle Opener knives sports comes equipped with gun coat finish 80CrV2 carbon steel blades, that ensure maximum durability.


Winkler Operator Series Knives: Explore the range of razor-sharp drop point knives, designed to carry out cutting, slicing, and skinning tasks with precision. Based on the model, the Winkler Operator knives feature micarta or maple handles. Most of these fixed blade knives have Caswell no-glare finish blades with distal taper. These tactical knives come with a multi-mount belt sheath that allows for safe everyday carry.


Winkler Ridge Hunter Series Knives: The series majorly comprises full tang knives featuring clip blades made using 80CrV2 carbon steel for maximum durability. Most of these knives feature a standard edge that is suitable for carrying out a range of tasks. Based on the model, these fixed blade knives have micarta and maple handles. Winkler Ridge Hunter Series knives come with an ambidextrous Kydex lined leather belt sheath which can be worn vertically or horizontally as preferred.


Winkler Spike Series Knives: This series is dedicated to fixed blade knives, essentially designed for tactical situations and self-defense. A majority of these knives sports drop point blades made up of carbon steel that resists abrasion. Winkler Spike knives are praised for their excellent strength. The spike at the rear of the knife handle can assist in emergencies, allowing the user to break the glass. Based on the model, these fixed blade knives feature sculpted maple wood handles or micarta handles.


Winkler Standard Duty Knife Series: The series explores a range of full-tang knives featuring corrosion-resistant oxide-coated 80CrV2 carbon steel blades, and walnut or maple handles. A majority of the Winkler Standard Duty knives come with a Kydex belt sheath that allows the user to safely carry them.


Winkler Woodsman Series Knives: This series covers a range of drop point knives, designed to carry out a host of tasks. These full-tang knives feature a no-glare Caswell finish blade made from high-grade carbon steel. Winkler Woodsman knives come equipped with contoured, heavy-duty handles maple, walnut, or micarta handles that provide a sturdy and comfortable grip.


Warranty Information

Winkler Knives II believes in providing the best quality products to customers. The products are free of any manufacturing defect in terms of material and workmanship. The brand will replace or repair the new item in case of a defect. However, the brand is not responsible to replace the tools in case of normal wear and misuse. This is to be noted that Winkler Knives products are not intended to be used as hammers, chisels or pry bar until otherwise stated. The repair department will analyze the damage in such a situation and charge reasonable fees for the repairs.


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