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Winkler Knives II

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The United States based production company, Winkler Knives is recognized for manufacturing an array of high-performance edged tools. The products offered by the band have attributes like tapered or skeletonized tangs, no-glare finishes, and multi-option carry systems. Every tool is designed using different kind of steel that is best suited for the intended use of the equipment.


Since 2004, the company provides team specific knives and axes to America’s elite fighting forces. The custom-made cutlery is widely used for Special Operations. Founded in 1988 by Daniel Winkler, each tool of the brand has an innovative design and a recognizable style.


Fixed Blade Knives for Every Day Carry

Winkler Knives offers a plethora of fixed blade knives that are ergonomically designed to serve the intended purpose. The knives offered by the manufacturer are primarily used by elite fighting forces and special operation forces. Daniel Winkler Knives offers an array of tools including belt knives, camp knives, hunting knives; patch knives, axes, and special project knives.


Custom-Made Tools for High-Performance

Winkler Knives offers a plethora of custom-made knives and axes that prove to be great outdoor gears. With majority of knives being fixed blade draggers, they feature stainless steel construction, sharp blades, and non-slip handles. Each knife designed serves a purpose including combating, camping, tactical, and more. The knives offered are trending big in the market. Some of the knives offered are:

  • Winkler Belt Knives: These are the 9-inch long knives that are constructed using carbon steel with Caswell no-glare finish. The knives feature Micarta handles that offer firm grip. What set these knives apart are a filed thumb rest and internal lock guard that prevent slipping.  These knives work great as every day carry knives.
  • Winkler Knives Tactical Dragger: Preferred by military personnel and outdoorsmen, the draggers have carbon steel construction and black Micarta handles. They come complete with sheath and lanyard hole for quick access in critical situations.
  • Winkler Camp Knives: These are the largest and the most popular knives. Constructed using carbon steel, these knives work great in environments like jungles and dense bush forests.



Every product manufactured by Winkler is free from defects in terms of material and workmanship. In case of any manufacturing defect, the end of the manufacturer shall be looked into. The product is open for replacement or repair in such situations. The warranty stands null in case of damage due to normal wear or misuse. This is to be noted that the products offered are not to be used as hammers, pry bars and screwdrivers. In case of misuse, the manufacturer will charge reasonable fees for repairs.


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Winkler Knives are easily available on Knife Country USA. You can explore the widest range of knives on the online store. The ever-expanding inventory of knives caters to the requirements of the serious campers, trekkers, hunters, and sportsperson. Explore the widest range of fixed blade knives and folding pocket knives on the online platform. The retailer also offers a wide range of outdoor gear including rucksacks, tents, walking canes, cables, fire starters and more. Knife Country USA aims to offer maximum customer satisfaction with its expanding inventory.

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