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MCUSTA reflects the excellent Japanese craftsmanship and the flawless use of advanced technology in their hand-assembled and hand-finished knives. The company is headquartered in Seki City, Gifu-Prefecture in the middle of Japan. Mcusta has been in the industry for decades and has gained immense experience over the years. Mcusta is a fusion of traditional knife making methods that have been learnt over the years and includes unusual techniques that are difficult to imitate.


The Essence of Japanese Craftsmanship Fused with Advanced Technology

The Japanese influence has taken over the MCUSTA knives. MCUSTA exemplifies the man-made custom knives, “Machined Custom”; this is where the name has been derived from. The knives and other tools are true combination of precision and sophistication. With the use of precision machine technology along with the 3D CAM system to design new models and creating prototypes; MCUSTA has successfully introduced a massive range of knives that have been meticulously inspected and tried in the field. Catering to the requirements of people from different professions, MCUSTA makes use of titanium, VG-10, AUS-8 stainless steel, Damascus, and exotic hardwoods fort the production of knives.


Hands On with Precisely Manufactured MCUSTA Knives

Mcusta Fixed Blade Knives:The Fixed Blade Knives or sheath knives are made using VG-10 stainless blades to survive under toughest situations. The blades are suitable to be used for carrying out everyday activities in the kitchen or can be carried on an adventure trek and camping. The handles are wide and comfortable and offers a secure grip in most demanding situations.


Mcusta Framelock Pocket Knives: Framelock Knives are precisely manufactured using AUS-8 stainless steel that induces immense strength. These pocket knives perform exceptionally well and have the ability to cut through any surface. Provision of money clip folder with laser engraved traditional Japanese crest imparts a classic look to the knives.


Mcusta Linerlock Pocket Knives: Linerlock Pocket Knives are designed with a locking mechanism that helps in easy and convenient folding of knives. The use of 33-layer nickel Damascus blade with VG-10 core offers impeccable strength to the knife and allows the user to hit hard on the target. The contoured Dupont Corian finger groove handles are flawlessly designed; while few of the knives have cocobolo handles with multi-dimensional contour.


Mcusta Hideyoshi Knife Series: This is another range of knives designed using VG 10 Stainless. The blades of these knives have the ability to withstand high compression and work smoothly after roughest uses. These knives have the standard edges, thumb slot for user convenience along with the lanyard hole for carrying the knives. Provision of laser engraved Staminawood handles are wide and offers a secure grip in most demanding situations.


Mcusta Jazz Knife Series: It features knives that are manufactured using VG-10 stainless and Damascus steel blade with dual thumb studs. The blades of these knives have impeccable strength and are specifically designed with a pointed tip that glides smoothly through any surface. The use of African ebony wood and brown cocobolo wood contributes to the making of flawless handles for secure grip. 


Mcusta Ripple Knife Series: Ripple Knives have the impeccable VG-10 stainless construction, along with dual thumb studs. The blades are designed to withstand high-compression, distortion and work smoothly even after roughest usage. The use of African ebony and cocobolo wood handle induces strength to the complete knife body. Satin brushed stainless bolsters complement the handles and the knife. Provision of black nylon and brown leather belt sheath helps to carry the knives securely.


Mcusta Taina Knife Series: Taina Knives are manufactured using premium quality VG-10 cobalt stainless steel. The knife material induces impeccable strength to the complete knife body; this helps the blade to glide through any of the surfaces without getting stuck. The handles are made using cocobolo wood, which is great to be used in tactical situations. The wide and comfortable handles have satin brushed stainless bolsters.


Mcusta Basic Folder Knife Series: This series includes the premium Japanese knives that are made using the finest quality VG-10 stainless and 33 layers nickel Damascus steel. The blades of these knives have impeccable strength and survive even after roughest usage. The ability to survive under high compression is flawless and glides smoothly through any surface. The knife body is accompanied by the contoured DuPont korian finger groove and finger grooved rosewood handles that impart a classic look and complements the knife as well.


Mcusta Damascus Blade Knives: This series has the finest range of knives made using the Damascus steel blade (33 layered nickel) with a VG-10 steel core. The blades are born tough and are accompanied by the cocobolo, African ebony, and quince wood handles. The handles not just enhance the performance of the knives; they are also wide and offer excellent grip.


Mcusta Kamon Knife Series: A premium grade knife series designed using AUS-8 stainless steel. The blades of this material have the ability to survive even after the roughest usage and withstand high compression. The provided money clip has laser engraved traditional Japanese family crest. These framework knives are constructed completely from the stainless material and can be used as everyday carry knives.


Mcusta Kasumi Knife Series:  This series includes the Kasumi knives manufactured using the Damascus steel. These knives work on the liner lock mechanism and have impeccable strength to survive the toughest situations. The African ebony and cocobolo wood handles offer a secure grip and comfortable hold. The pointed tip has the ability to glide smoothly through any surface.


Mcusta Katana Knife Series: Katana knives are the folding knives that work on the liner lock mechanism and are designed to carry out tactical tasks. The VG-10 clad tanto pointed blades withstand high compression and work well even after roughest use. The unique forged and machined aluminum handles make it easier to hold with a secure grip every time.


Mcusta Leyasu Knife Series: Knives in the Leyasu Series are made using VG-10 and Damascus-steel blades that help to withstand toughest situations. The blades are tough and are accompanied by the staminawood handles for superior grip and comfortable hold.


Mcusta Nami Knife Series:Nami Series has a wide range of knives made using the VG-10 Damascus steel blades. The blades of this material impart impeccable performance owing to the exceptional strength it has. The handles are made of stainless material with flawless designing.


Mcusta Nobunaga Knife Series: This series includes the user-friendly, folding pocket knives that work on the liner lock mechanism. Use of VG-10 stainless blades induce the required strength to the knife body while the micarta handles are wide enough to maintain a secure grip with a comfortable hold.


Mcusta Rikyu Knife Series:Rikyu series features the liner lock knives with green and black laminated wood handles. Apart from the tough wooden handles, these knives have Damascus blades to withstand most of the challenging situations. These knives are perfect to be used either as a self-defense tool or for carrying out daily tasks like cutting. The size is small and compact that fits perfectly anywhere. 


Mcusta Take Knife Series: Itincludes premium quality knives that reflect the essence of Japanese tradition. The knives in this series are made using the Damascus steel with pointed blades. The back of the knives extends to meet the pointed tip. The sharpened blades glide through most of the surfaces flawlessly.


MCUSTA Warranty

MCUSTA offers a limited lifetime warranty on their massive range of product line. The knives are completely free from all the kinds of manufacturing and designing defects. Although if the products are found to be defected, then MCUSTA will inspect the sent product and then if required will send for further repairing or even replacing. That product will be repaired and replaced solely depending upon the availability of the parts. If the products are found to be misused or abused, then no replacement or repairing would be done. The MCUSTA knives are not intended to be used as pry bars, chisels, or screwdrivers; this hampers the performance and degrades the quality.


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