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Night Ops Flashlights

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Night Ops Flashlights has an exceptional variety of flashlights that can be a huge help for miners, campers, trekkers, etc. Flashlights are used as a light source when in a place with no power or during power outages. Equipped with a professionally created flashlight and accessories, gives one a full advantage in a tactical situation. One possessing Night Ops Flashlight gets to manage a crisis with much more prepared mind. The founder of Night Ops Flashlights is a Navy SEAL who promised himself that he would set up a manufacturing facility that can free or prepare soldiers in any hazard or exigencies.

Flashlights for Everyday Use

Night Ops flashlights feature handheld performance range including, compact clip series of Ally flashlights and accessories such as flashlight holders. These accessories complement the flashlights and make them befit for day-to-day activities. One can use these flashlights in the shortage of power or during tactile situations.   


Combination of Tactile Design that Delivers Required Performance

Major features of these flashlights are multi-functional control,variable light output, and long-lasting batteries. Night Ops Flashlights are reliable for any tactical situation. One may use it during hunting, night shooting in handheld mode or attaching it with the gun that is in use, camping, mining and in many more activities. These flashlights feature anti-roll system with a pre-focused beam which provides illumination with minimum shadow. The Ops flashlights have xenon bulb and draw energy from CR123A batteries which eventually delivers unrivaled performance among flashlights.


Complemented with Additional Features

Most of the Night Ops Flashlights have pocket clip and lanyard that helps in easy deployment. Other than these additional characteristics, the flashlights are compactly designed with a firm grip for easy storage while traveling as well as comfortable handling while in use.


Constructed with Premium Quality Materials

Flashlights by Night Ops are constructed using heavy-duty materials that make these resist against normal wearing and tearing. The heavy gauge which is constructed with steel makes the flashlights indestructible. Most of these products are waterproof and the finish does not easily get scratched and stays like new till a long period of time.

A Variety of Flashlights and Accessories can be Chosen from the Following Series:


Night Ops Compact Flashlight Series: The flashlights under this series are compact with an aluminum body with black hard-coat anodized finish. These flashlights feature high-output CREE XP-E LED which gives class performance and reliability. The flashlight features multifaceted reflector, multiple-position rotating switch with long lasting battery life as they have two AA batteries. Most of these flashlights also feature momentary/constant recessed push button power switch. These flashlights also feature pocket clips which makes it easier to carry and deploy. One of the best features about this series is that the products are water resistant which makes them extra durable and efficient.

Night Ops Flashlight Holder Series: The Flashlight Holders come with a water drainage hole. These holders are designed to hold many popular tactical lights. They operate in bezel down or bezel up carrying models. These holders are easy to carry as they feature Mod-U-Lock belt mounting attachment which allows the user to mount holder without stripping accessories off duty or personal belt and permits the holder to be mounted at various angles. These flashlight holders have removable secondary rubber retention strap for additional security. The lights of these flashlight holders are sold separately. 

Night Ops products are warranted to be free of defects in material and workmanship for the life of the owner. Night Ops assures that it will repair or replace with a new item any product that is defective. Some products cannot be repaired on the grounds of limited availability of parts. In these situations, the brand will furnish a currently manufactured item that most closely matches the item sent in for repair. Night Ops does not warrant its products against normal wear overuse. If your knife or other item was damaged due to misuse, our repair department can analyze the damage and repair it for a reasonable fee. If the buyers have a warranty issue or questions about the condition of their product, please contact us and we will advise on how best to proceed with submitting your warranty claim to the manufacturer.


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