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Night Ops Flashlights

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Using a professionally designed flashlight and accessories, gives one a full advantage in a tactical situation, especially when using Night-ops Flashlights. Rigorous testing, feedbacks from professionals in tactical forces, law enforcement bodies enable us to make some of the most revolutionary designs with features necessary for tactical success. The founder being a Navy Seal promised himself that he would set up a manufacturing facility to free soldiers from the hazard occurring from substandard equipment.


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Various ranges of flashlights include handheld performance range – Legacy, compact clip series of Ally flashlights and accessories such as flashlight holder. These flashlights are made from the best quality material to provide the most reliable handheld illumination for adverse conditions.


Field-tested Technology

Lights enclosed in robust electronic packaging, shock proofing options and better design to protect the equipment from accidental drops, recoil or any physical impact; these flashlights offer dependable illumination whenever required.


Tactile Design/Functions

Multi-functional controls, variable light output with bright high lumen light output are the highlights of these flashlights. Great choice in any tactical situation, hunting, night-shooting in hand-held mode or attaching to your gun, these flashlights feature anti-roll system with a pre-focused beam which provides illumination with minimum shadow. These flashlights employ Xenon bulbs and draw power from CR123A batteries to provide with unmatched performance among flashlights.

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