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Melon Tester Pocket Knives

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Use it as a versatile tool or simply carry it, the Melon Tester Pocket Knife is different from the usual clutter of pocketknives. Melon Tester Pocket Knives have become a part of folklore among the rural and urban communities.


Tracing Popularity of Melon Tester Knives

A Melon Tester Knife is easy to carry, owing to its compact size. It gained prevalence as the farming community carried this knife to evaluate the quality of the fruit. It is also used to scrape ice from fruits and vegetables. Today, these knives are essentially a collector’s item. The classic Melon Tester popular across America is nearly 5½-inches, in folded or fixed form. Often Melon Tester Knives are laid out as a part of the classical American cutlery. The Melon Tester is usually gifted with a case and sheath.


Constructional Details of Melon Tester Knives

The Melon Tester Pocket Knife boasts of a sleek profile and beautiful finish. It is classified into different types, namely Lockback knives, Folding Pocket Knives, and more. These knives measure 5-inch long, when closed. Featuring brushed-steel handles, Melon Tester Pocket Knives look equally amazing, whether opened or closed. We offer the smooth blades or with serrated edges—Vibrant or Eloquent. These knives are available in many other configurations, in terms of size and the material.


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