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Known for its unmatched sharpness, ceramic knives are made using a special type of rough cement - zirconia powder. The edges of its blade are sharpened by gridding them against the diamond-dust-coated grinding wheel. Undergone through such rigorous session, ceramic knives don’t need any sharpening for a very long time.  Perfect replacement for forged metal knives, ceramic knives are corrosion-resistant, non-magnetic and don’t conduct electricity. Because of their natural resistance against acid and caustic substances, ceramic kitchen knives are used for slicing food items. Ceramic knives are exceptional to use for cutting, boneless meat, vegetables, and fruits.


Knife Country USA has a variety of ceramic knives,  including, neck fixed blade, pairing, standard precision, Linerlock, tomato, peeler, parer, fixed blade, and many more. Knife Country USA carries ceramic knives sets; our customers enjoy the ease of purchasing a Five Piece Ceramic Set, Three Piece Cutlery Set, or a single ceramic knife. Ceramic knives are available with multiply kinds of handles, namely, Matte Finish Handles and Black Finish Aluminum Handles. Knife Country USA's range of ceramic knives are inclusive of leading brands like Benchmark, Timberline, Tekut, Rapala, and others.

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