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Deba/Yanagiba Kitchen Knives

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Yanagiba is a special type of Japanese Knife, used in preparation of sashimi, sushi, sliced raw fish, and seafood. For making sushi or a similar dish, the sliced cross-sections should be smooth, shiny, and uniform. These three conditions can be satisfied only by a Yanagiba Kitchen Knife. The design of a Yanagiba Knife can be understood by reading through the following:

  • Length: It is one of the most important features, which helps to get cut-outs in one direction and a proper shape. Always remember, the zigzag cutting with this kind of knife creates a bad cross- section.

  • Thickness:  The blade of this Yanagiba Knife is a very thin which allows cutting using minimal force.

  • Stickiness: Some of the Japanese knives, like Yanagiba, are designed to easily detach the sliced piece from blade after cutting.

  • Single ground: Most importantly, a Yanagi-ba blade is angled on one side, whereas the other side is completely flat. The angled blade side enables easier cutting and smoother sharpening. 

  • Cutting Direction: In all western knives, the cutting method is push & cut but Japanese knives follow the pull & cut mechanism.


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