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Spyderco SmallFly 2 Balisong Knives by Spyderco Knives

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Elevate Your Flipping Skills with the Spyderco SmallFly 2 Balisong Knives at Knife Country USA


Experience the Fusion of Artistry and Engineering with the Spyderco SmallFly 2 Balisong Series


At Knife Country USA, we are thrilled to offer a knife that combines the acrobatic prowess of a balisong with the cutting-edge performance of a premium blade—the Spyderco SmallFly 2 Balisong Knife. Meticulously crafted for enthusiasts and practitioners, this knife series is where form meets function in a dance of dexterity and design.


Spyderco SmallFly 2 Balisong: A Symphony of Motion and Precision


The SmallFly 2 Balisong by Spyderco isn't just any knife; it's an instrument of precision that soars in the hand of the skilled. With a 3.38" satin finish CPM S30V stainless steel blade, it promises exceptional edge retention, resistance to wear, and maintenance ease, ensuring your performance is as sharp as your knife.


Ergonomic Excellence in a Compact Package


The SmallFly 2 Balisong, housed within 4.5" when closed, offers a compact yet substantial grip with its black G10 handle—a material celebrated for its durability and excellent tactile response. The skeletonized twin handles are not only aesthetically pleasing but also reduce weight, making the knife feel like an extension of your hand as it flips and flows.


  • SmallFly 2 Balisong (SCB02GP2): A marvel of American knife-making, this addition to your collection speaks volumes of your taste for quality and your respect for the balisong tradition.


Why Choose the SmallFly 2 Balisong?


Opting for the SmallFly 2 Balisong means you're selecting a knife that's been designed with intention and integrity. Spyderco has refined the classic balisong to suit modern standards, with a pocket clip for convenience and a blade crafted from top-tier steel. It’s not just a tool; it's a companion for both utility and sport.


A Tool, A Trainer, A Treasure


Whether you're flipping for fun, training for skill, or need a reliable everyday carry, the SmallFly 2 Balisong rises to the occasion. It's a piece of modern craftsmanship that respects the roots of the traditional Filipino weapon, adapted to meet the discerning demands of today's balisong enthusiast.


In Conclusion


The Spyderco SmallFly 2 Balisong is an ode to the balisong’s heritage and a testament to modern engineering. At Knife Country USA, we honor the skill of the flipper and the soul of the craftsman. This knife is more than just a sum of its parts—it’s a gateway to mastering the balisong’s potential and a statement of exquisite taste.

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