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Discover the Ultimate Tactical Writing Instruments - Combat Ready Tactical Pens


In the world of tactical gear, there's one item that often goes unnoticed but is a must-have for the well-equipped: the tactical pen. Knife Country USA proudly presents the Combat Ready Tactical Pens collection, a lineup designed for the discerning individual who values preparedness in every aspect of life.


The Fusion of Durability and Functionality


Combat Ready Tactical Pens are more than just writing tools. These pens are engineered for a variety of situations, providing not just the ability to jot down notes, but also to serve as a potential lifesaver in emergency scenarios. Made from robust aluminum, these pens are built to withstand the rigors of daily carry and the unexpected.


Featured Tactical Pens from Combat Ready


  • Combat Ready 373 Tactical Pen: A sleek, 5.63" black aluminum body equipped with a pocket clip and glass breaker tip. This pen is discreet yet powerful, offering reliable performance with a twist-open mechanism and a standard black ink cartridge.

  • Combat Ready 374 Tactical Pen: This multifunctional marvel extends beyond writing with integrated tools like an LED light, belt cutter, screwdriver, glass breaker, graver, whistle, and flint. At 6.13" and adorned in blue, it's a beacon of versatility.


Why Opt for a Tactical Pen?


A tactical pen by Combat Ready is not just for writing. It's a tool of preparedness. With features like glass breakers and LED lights, these pens are designed for emergency situations where having the right tool can mean the difference between life and death.


Elevate Your EDC with Combat Ready Tactical Pens


Everyday carry (EDC) isn't just about what's in your pockets; it's about being prepared for anything that comes your way. By adding a Combat Ready Tactical Pen to your EDC lineup, you're ensuring that you always have a versatile tool on hand.


Choose Your Defender at Knife Country USA


Whether you're a first responder, outdoor enthusiast, or simply someone who values the practicality of a multipurpose tool, our selection of Combat Ready Tactical Pens is sure to have something that will meet your needs and exceed your expectations.


Shop the Collection Today


Explore our range of Combat Ready Tactical Pens at Knife Country USA and find the perfect addition to your EDC arsenal. With quality craftsmanship and multifunctional designs, these pens are ready to write the story of your adventures.

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