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With a team of professional machinists, artists, and designers worldwide, Bestech provides an extensive range of high-quality knives for everyday uses and beyond. They offer a premium collection of folding knives featuring the Lockness Knives. These Lockness framelock knives have 99.3mm long blades that are thoughtfully crafted from M390 steel. M390 is renowned for resisting corrosion and its extreme edge retention. These blades are easy to sharpen, and they ensure to deliver a powerful performance under all conditions.


Each knife in this range is designed with eye-catching handles using contrasting colors to either camouflage in the environment or add an elegant touch to your knife collection. The 8.9 inch knives feature a G10+ titanium handle that resists variant temperatures, weather, and moisture to offer a solid grip and convenient performance. The unique handle makes the knife strong, ergonomic, and durable. The Lockness folding knife has a titanium clip, so you can carry it in your pockets and bags.

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