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Atwood Bungee Shock Cord by Atwood Rope Paracords

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The Atwood Rope and Paracord Company produces high-quality ropes and paracords for outdoor enthusiasts. You might be tubing down a river with pals, putting up a base camp on the mountainside, or trekking the woods. This robust paracord and rope have countless applications.


Atwood paracords, ropes, and dispensers are made here in the USA. Based out of Canal Winchester OH in 1985. Knowing that your purchase will help an American family business will give you comfort.


The length-adjustable, lightweight Bungee Shock Cord ropes are excellent for tying tarps to tents in severe winds, transporting camping necessities to your campsite with a cart, putting big items into a truck bed, mounting kayaks to roofs, and building mesh motorcycle racks. Use shock cords to produce a DIY shade top for your jeep, secure a wheelchair to its rack, buffer your balcony, keep them in your car for quick bumper repairs, and more. The Bungee Shock Paracourds are excellent for binding things together because of their flexibility. Bundle firewood, extension cables, hoses, tools, equipment, and more using a bungee cord. Unlike conventional expanders, Bungee Paracourds hold bound gear and goods together flawlessly because of their power capacity and additional stress absorption. Paracord can readily do activities and jobs that other cords of a similar nature cannot due to its exceptional 150 lb tensile strength. The length of the paracords is 50 ft., and they are  5/32 Bungee Shock Cords.


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