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The Tonic knives have replaced the Lockback knives. A Lockback knife that opened with the same ease as the conventional liner lock or frame lock was Maisonpierre's goal. He designed the lock back to have ceramic balls inside of them that would connect with the tang of the blades to generate a smooth opening. Since there was lesser surface area engaging the blades, it was thought that the opening would be more fluid than with a standard Lockback. Both left- and right-handed people can easily open these excellent Lockback flicks. The Tonic knives feature either Black canvas micarta or Marbled carbon fiber handles, giving them a cozy and secure grip. The general design of the handles fits the hand perfectly and makes it simple to choke up on the blades for finer cuts. The knives in the series feature Bohler M390 stainless steel blades. The Bohler M390 stainless steel was created using third-generation powder metal technology for knife blades that needed to have strong corrosion resistance (due to the high chromium content) and outstanding wear resistance. The reverse tanto blades' finely strengthened tip is ideal for all piercing jobs. The Bestech Tonic knives are an excellent addition to any EDC kit or collection, regardless of whether they are your first pocket knives.


Moreover, the titanium bolsters for additional counterforce and pocket clips for easy storage have been thoughtfully added to these knives. They are stored in Black nylon zippered cases when not in use to be kept protected from external factors.

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