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The Fairchild is unquestionably no exception to Grabarski's superb design practice of experimenting with sharp curves and angular lines, which is also evident in his other knives. The blades are the largest Kombou-designed folder in the Bestech collection, measuring a whopping 3.93 inches in a wide leaf pattern. These blades have a great, uniform combination of curved edges and pointed tips, but their sheer size may disqualify them from the EDC category for certain people. The most rounded of all super steels, S35VN, complements the well-rounded shape. The thumb cutouts offer an ambidextrous technique of opening. The ergonomic feel of these knives and their lightweight feel are due to their titanium handles, which come in different colors. These titanium handles are not only extremely strong but also very light. The Fairchild's handles begin thin and taper more as they reach out to the back end in contrast to those wide blades. Their tiny dimensions, which are made entirely of titanium, nonetheless allow room for the frame lock and its accompanying steel interface, and Grabarski adorned this arcing shape with a machined fuller, anodized blue to make it stand out. It is not surprising that the Fairchild knives are heavier than average, given their overall proportions.The sculpted titanium pocket clip and an extended, spine-riding lanyard loop are available as extra features.

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